Mar 8, 2012

Future of the Nigerian Navy

In bad shape...

Of the entire Nigerian land aera, only 1,4 % were of water (Rivers/Lakes). Coastlines: 853 km; A EEZ of 216,789 km2 claimed.

Personnal Strenght: 8000 (included Coast Guard).

Naval Bases: Warri; Port Harcourt; Sapele.

1 Aradu
(Aradu). 3300 tons, 125+ meters (German Meko 360 H1 frigate design). Commissioned by 1982.

1 Thunder
(Thunder). 3200+ tons, 115 meters (ex US Hamilton late 1960's Cutter). Transferred by 2011.

1 Enymiri
(Enymiri). 680/780 tons, 126 meters. Commissioned by late 1970's, now likely unserviceable ?

Fast Attack Missiles Crafts:
1 to 3 Combattante IIIB
(1 Ayam still active ?, 2 others units likely unserviceable: Siri, Ekun).

Mid Shore Patrol Vessels
1 Ekpe
(Damisa). 57 meters (german FPB 57 fast patrol boat). 2 others units maybe already retired ? (Ekpe, Agu).

4 Manta
17 meters (Singapore built)

In Shore Patrol Vessels
Up to 6 ? Shaldag Mk 2
24+ meters (Israeli built). Commissioned by 2009/2010.

15 Defender RB-S
2+ tons, 8+ meters (US Defender SAR crafts)

Mine Warfare Ships
2 Ohue
(Ohue, Barama). (modified Italian Lerici MCM design).

Amphibious Ships
1 Ambe (LST)
(Ambe or Ofiom still operationnal ?). German built.

Others Auxiliary Ships
1 Training ship/presidential yacht

4 Balsam (ex US buoy tenders)
(Kyanwa, Ologbo, Nwamba, Obula). 1000 tons, 55 meters (ex 1940's US type C buoy tender).

60 small patrol Crafts/RHIB, uncertain data ?
5 small (rivers ?) amphibious crafts, uncertain data ?

- 3 A-109E Power (Utility)
- 2 AB/AW- 139 (SAR)
- 2 Lynx Mk 89 (SAR, unserviceable, likely already retired)

As usual, It may be that in my opinion, I forgot programs ? (or made some mistakes ?, especially for the auxiliary & smaller ships/crafts), then said it ! Feel free to comment and give your opinion !


  1. Hi Mike!

    Here's some additions from JFS 2009-10:

    Of the Combattante IIIB type FAC P 182 Ayam is believed to be operational and sister ships P 181 Siri and P 183 Ekun are reported to be seagoing. Their fl displacement and length is 430 tons and 56,2 meters resp. All commissioned in 1981.

    The fl displacement of the Lürssen 57 type large patrol craft P 179 Damisa believed to be operational is 444 tons, and the length is 58,1 meters. Damisa was commissioned in 1981.

    The fl displacement and length of the two Lerici class minehunters is 540 tons and 51 meters resp. Both commissioned in 1987-88.

    The 15 Defender class response boats [PBF] were delivered in 2004-05.

    Of the two FDR type Ro-Ro 1300 LST 1312 Ambe was reported active in 2007, but Offiom is beyond repair. Fl displacement and length is 1860 tons and 87 meters resp. Ambe was commissioned in 1979.

    There is also the survey ship [AGS] A 498 Lana of the UK Bulldog class commissioned in 1976. Fl displacement and length is 1088 tons and 57,8 meters resp.

    Pennant numbers of the four US Balsam class are A 501-504.

  2. Hi Mike (and my countryman Per),

    The Shaldags, even though an Israeli design, were ordered from S. Africa (built under license?) Per might know if Nigeria is one of the three countries that has shown interest in the Finnish 72 knot ACV combatant Tuuli? Decommissioned after extensive trials, and the order placed for a conventional hull class of missile boats instead
    - none of the 3 countries have been officially named; just that one was indicated to be an African country and if you think of the trouble the Nigerian navy has had in the Niger delta with the speed of response, would explain the interest

  3. Hi Anonymous!

    According to a Finnish friend the ACV combatant Tuuli has not been sold anywhere, but is mothballed at Obbnäs in Finland.