Hi Warships/Shipslover fan's !

Welcome on my blog. 
You will find here lots of recent news on all Combat Fleets of the World collected around the Web (& Sometimes my personnal analysis) ... and excuse me for possible mistakes in English language ... I'm French !

Born in southern France (near Marseille), I was quickly attracted (even by 8/9 years old !) by the “gray ships”. 
I think that a warship, before being a gun/missile platform, is:
- A Crew !!!!!!!
- A nation/country
- A diplomatic tool
- The Industry/capability of a country
- A tool to protect (or destroy ...) freedom/democracy at Sea
- A naval platform (sea-keeping, endurance, manoeuvrability, crew accommodation, capability to withstand hits)
- A Intelligence platform…

This blog is a way:
- To share my passion (and improve/refine my warships knowledge, by sharing with YOU).
- To improve continuously my English (Read, Write, Understand).

Hoping that you like visiting my blog.
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My Motto:
Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt...semper !