Mar 25, 2011

Future of the German Navy

Fewer and Bigger !

Of the entire german land aera, 2,4% (7,798 km2 (3,011 sq mi)) were of water (rivers/lakes).
German EEZ: 4,500 km2 In the Baltic Sea and 28 600 km2 In the North Sea.

Personnal Strenght: +/- 24 000
+/- 20 000 regular and +/- 3500 Conscript

+/- 15 Destroyers/Frigates (toward only 11 but bigger ships):
Up to 4 F-125
7000+ tons, 149 meters, land-oriented large frigates, intended to replace the entire Bremen (type 122) class frigate. All four to be commissioned by 2015-2019. With probable +/- 30 years of service, to be retired around 2045/2050.

3 Sachsen (F-124)
(Sachsen, Hamburg, Hessen), 5600 tons, 143 meters AAW frigate design. Commissioned by 2003/2006. With probable +/- 30 years of service, to be retired around 2030/2036.

4 Brandenburg (F123)
(Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Bayern, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). 4900 tons, 138 meters multi-purpose frigate design. Commissioned by 1994-1996. With probable +/- 30 years of service, to be retired around 2024/2026. Likely to be replaced by fewer but larger (and more capable) warships........maybe replaced by 2 to 4 improved MEKO D 500/600 design ???....Wait & See

8 Bremen (F122)
(Bremen, Niedersachen, Rheinland, Emden, Koln,Karlsruhe, Augsburg, Lubeck). 3600 tons, 130 meters frigates. Commissioned by 1982-1990. Now all expected to be retired during 2010’s and partially replaced by only four Type 125 frigates.

5 (+6 ?) Corvettes:
5 Braunschweig (K130)
(Braunschweig, Magdeburg, Erfurt, Oldenburg, Ludwigshafen am Rheim). 1800 tons, 89 meters corvette design. This design experienced some early problems (gearing systems & so…). Commissioned by 2008/2011.

Up to 6 K-131 ?
Maybe expected by 2018+-2025 ?, very likely 2 main designs under study :
MEKO® "CSL" (Littorals Warfare): 108m, 2750 t, >40 kts, steel hull, composite superstructure.
- MEKO® "FUSION": 84 m, 1500 t, >40 kts, composite hull & superstructure.
Future of this program was uncertain...

10 Fast Attack Crafts:
10 Gepard class (Type 143A)
(Gepard, Puma, Hermelin, Nerz, Nobel, Frettchen, Dachs, Ozelot, Wiesel, Hyane). 390 tons, 57 meters FAC design. Commissioned by 1982/1984, with probable +/- 30 year of life expected, to be retired by 2012-2019 and replaced by fewer but larger K-131 corvettes ?

4 (+2) Submarines
Up to 6 U-31 (Type 212)
(U-31, U-32, U-33, U-34). Two others units (U-35, U-36) were currently on completion stage. 1400/1800 tons, 56+ meters SSK. All six commissioned by 2005/2012, with +/- 30 years of life, to be retired around 2035/2040.

+/- 19 Mine-Hunters
5 Ensdorf class (type 352)
(Ensdorf, Auerbach, Hameln, Pegnitz, Siegburg). 650 tons, 54+ meters. Commissioned by 1989-1991.

5 Kulmbach class (type 333)
(Kulmbach, Uberhem, Passau, Laboe, Herten). 635 tons, 54+ meters. Commissioned by 1989-1991.

9 Frankenthal class (type 332)
(Bad-Bevensen, Bad-Rappenau, Gromits, Datteln, Dilingen, Homburg, Sulzbach, Fulda, Weilheim). 650 tons, 54+ meters. Commissioned by 1993-1998.

These 19 MCM ships, commissioned by 1989/1998 (with probably +/- 30 years of service), must be replaced around 2018/2030 by fewer (10 to 12 ?) and bigger ships (very likely a newer MEKO 2000 tons flexible ship)

Up to 2 Joint Support Ships (aka LHD or LPD ?):
By 2025, up to 2 large flexible ships was expected, some options:
- JSS 400 (> 20 000 tons, 400 troops, but not large supply onboard).
- JSS 400+ (< 20 000 tons, 400 troops, and large supply onboard). - JSS 800 (< 27 000 tons, 800 troops, likely pure LHD/LHA design). The current MRD/MHD 150/MHD 200 were likely a initial design study. This program is +/- uncertain, wait & see...
Small Amphibious:

2 LCU (type 521)

2 (+1) Replenishment ships
2 (+1) Berlin class (Type 702)
(Berlin, Frankfurt am Main). A third ship (Bonn) was ordered. 20 000 tons, 173 meters. The first two were commissioned by 2001/2002. The third ships (with some improvement), was expected to be commissioned by 2013+.

+/- 10 Support-Ships
2 Rhon class (type 704A)
(Rhon, Spessart). 14 000+ tons, commissioned by 1977. With probable 30+ years of service, to be retired very soon, by early/mid 2010’s.

2 Walchensee class (type 703)
(Ammersee, Tegemsee). 2000+ tons, 74 meters coastal tanker. Commissioned by 1967. Now no longer in service.

6 Elbe class (type 404)
(Elbe, Mosel, Rhein, Werra, Main, Donau). 3500 tons, 100 meters. Commissioned by 1993-1994. With probable 30 years of service, to be retired around mid 2020’s.

3 Intelligence ships
3 Oste class (type 422)
(Oste, Oker, Alster ), 3200 tons, 83 meters. Commissioned by 1988/1989, likely to be retired by late 2010's/mid 2020's.

2 Wangerooge (type 722)
(Wangerooge, Spiekeroog, Langeoog, Baltrum, Juist), 800 tons, 52 meters. Commissioned by 1968/1971. To be retired soon...

Naval aviation +/- 2000
+/- 22 Sea-Lynx Mk 88
+/- 21 Sea-King Mk 41 (no longer in service)

8 P-3C Orion (Ex-Dutch)
2 Do-288 LM
6 Camcopter S-100 UAV in order

The German Navy, after an initial sharp reduction after the end of the Cold-War (1991-2000), is undergoing a further profound and deeply reduction of its forces. Newer Warships are fewer, but larger, for overseas deployements...

Next fleet review/editorial: Future of the Argentinian Navy.

As usual, It may be that in my opinion, I forgot programs ? (or made few mistakes ?, especially for the auxiliary and smaller coast-guards ships), then said it ! Feel free to comment and give your opinion !

Mar 18, 2011

Future of the Dutch Navy

Always very advanced, but with a reduced fleet...

Of the entire Dutch land aera, 18,41% (7,643 km2 (2,951 sq mi)) were of waters.
Coastline: 451 km (280 mi), and a EEZ aera of 68,783 km2 In the Dutch Antilles.

Personnal Strenght: +/- 10 000
+/- 7 000 sailors; +/- 2500 marines; +/- 800 naval aviation

4 AAW Destroyers
4 De Zeven Provinciën
(De Zeven Provinciën, Tromp, De Ruyter, Evertsen). 6000 tons, 144 meters highly effective AAW frigate. Commissioned by 2002-2005. Currently expected to be fully modernized (TBMD capable ship). With probable 30+ years of life expected, to be retired around 2032-2040.

2 Frigates
2 Karel Doorman class
(Van Speijk, Van Amstel), 3000 tons, 122 meters multi-purpose frigate. Well designed during the 1980’s. Currently under heavy upgrade (newer sensors/mast) to remain in service until 2020-2025.

Up to 4 Ocean Patrol Vessels
4 Holland
(Holland, Zeeland, Friesland, Groningen). 3000+ tons, 108 meters OPV design, with very advanced sensors/mast suit. To be commissioned by 2011/2012, with probable 25/30 years of service expected. To be retired around 2035/2040.

2 Large Amphibious assault ships
1 Rotterdam
(Rotterdam). 12000+ tons, 166 meters LPD designed in collaboration with Spain. Commissioned by 1998. With probable 25+ years of service expected, to be retired around mid 2020’s.

1 Johan de Witt
(Johan de Witt). 16800 tons, 176 meters, enlarged Rotterdam LPD design. Commissioned by 2007, with probable 25/30 years of life expected, to be retired around 2030/2035+.

The future JSS will have some amphibious capabilities .

3 Submarines
3 Walrus class
(Walrus, Zeeleeuw, Dolfijn), 1900/2300 tons, 67 meters SSK. A fourth SSK (Bruinvis) were in reserve. Designed by late 1970’s/mid 1980’s (after some requirement modification). Commissioned by 1992/1994. With a probable 30+ years of life. Currently some upgrades (sensors/sonars) were planned. To be retired probably around 2025-2030. Their replacement is “uncertain”

10 Mine-Hunters
10 Alkmaar class
(Haarlem, Maasluis, Makkum, Middelburg, Hellevoetsluis, Schiedam, Urk, Zierikzee, Vlaardingen, Willemstad). 600 tons, 53 meters Tripartite Mine-hunters. All commissioned by 1982/1989. 3 to be converted to control vessels for mine-sweep drones. All to be retired by mid 2010's/mid 2020's and replaced by fewer, bigger and more versatile ships.

2 Replenishment Ships
Up to 1 Zuiderkruis JSS
28 000 tons, 204 meters, newer highly advanced flexible ships (fleet tanker/cargo/amphibious/command ship). Currently under construction, to be completed by 2014.

1 Zuiderkruis class
(Zuiderkruis), 17 000 tons, 170 meters fleet tankers. Commissioned by 1975. To be retired by 2012-2014 and replaced by a newer JSS flexible ships

1 Amsterdam class
(Amsterdam), 17 000 tons, 166 meters fleet tankers. Commissioned by 1995

5 Others supports ships
4 Cerberus class (diving support)
(Cerberus, Argus, Nautilus, Hydra)

1 Mercuur class (Torpedo recovery)

2 Hydrographical survey ships
2 Snellius class (hydrographical survey)
(Snellius, Luymes)

2 Training ships
1 Van Kinsbergen class
(Van Kinsbergen)

1 Urania class (sailing)

27 Medium/Small Landing crafts
5 L9525 LCU Mk2
(L9525, L9526, L9527, L9528, L9529) All crafts of these class have been upgraded. This upgrade meant enlarging the vessels and increasing their payload (enabling the craft to transport the Royal Netherlands Army's Leopard 2 A6).

12 LCVP Mk5c
Built by Visser Shipyard in Den Heler in 2009-2010

4 LCVP Mk3
(L9537, L9538, L9540, L9541). 2 others (L 9536, 9539 were retired by January 2010)

6 LCVP Mk2
(L9530, L9531, L9532, L9533, L9534, L9535)

18 Tugs and others harbor ships
5 Linge class large tugs.
(Linge, Regge, Hunze, Rotte, Gouwe)

2 Breezand class harbor tugs
(Breezand, Bergzand)

5 Schelde class harbor working boats
(Schelde, Wierbalg, Malzwin, Zuidwal, Westwal)

1 Patria class inshore tanker

1 Nieuwediep class touring boat

2 harbor vessels
(Y8200, Y8300)

1 Jonge Jan class harbor vessel
(Jonge Jan)

1 Jonge Prins class harbor vessel
(Jonge Prins)

Small crafts
29 Fast Raiding, Interception and Special Forces Craft
(11 for Special Operation use, 12 for use in the Dutch territories in the Caribbean and 6 to use in combination with the new Holland Class OPV's).

17 Fast raiding, Interception and special forces craft
(for use as small landing crafts).

Dutch Squadron for the Netherlands Antilles
1 Pelikaan logistic support vessel (amphibious & diving operations and transport), 1100+ tons, 65 meters, commissioned by 2006

3 patrol cutters
(Jaguar, Panter, Poema)

Naval helicopters (+/- 900 personnals)
10 SH-14 D Lynx still operationnal due to life prolonging maintenance (21-24 initially delivered by late 1970's-late 1980's).

Up to 12 NH-90 NFH
Expected to replace all ageing Lynx helico. All operationnal by 2015.

Dutch Marine Corps (+/- 3000 troops)
Armored vehicles
156 BV206S (127 will get a Mid-Life Update, the rest will be disposed of or sold).
74 BVS10.
20 XA-188 (11 to be sold to Estonia, the rest will be disposed of or sold).
4 Leopard 1 BARV beach armored recovery vehicles.

Unarmored vehicles
Land Rover Defender
40 Mercedes-Benz 280 CDI
17 Unimog 1.2-ton truck
Various DAF trucks

Artillery (Mortars)
60mm (Brandt MO-60-V); 81mm (L16A2); 120mm (RT-120).

The Dutch Fleet now has a reduced size. This allows to have a maximum of 1 or 2 large warships (Destroyers/Frigates/OPV) constantly in overseas ops (a NATO requirement ?). But this size corresponds to the importance of this country in this world.

Next fleet review/editorial: Future of the German Navy.

As usual, It may be that in my opinion, I forgot programs ? (or made few mistakes ?), then said it ! Feel free to comment and give your opinion !

Mar 4, 2011

Future of the Swedish Navy

Initially intended to coastal defense, but things will change...

Majors Thanks to "Per-Nordenberg" for his BIG help :)

3218 km (2000 mi); Of the entire Swedish land aera, 39,960 km² (8.69%), were of Water (95 700+ lakes/rivers).

Personnal Strength (max):

Navy: 4,280; Naval brigade: 1,300

5 Submarines (+ 2 planned) :

2 A-26
1900 tons, in advanced stage of planning, to be delivered 2018-19 and replace the two Södermanland boats.

3 Gotland A-19

(Gotland, Halland, Uppland), commissioned 1999, 60,6 meters, Stirling AIP, Gotland to be decommissioned in the near future (and sold to Singapore?), Halland and Uppland to go through a mid-life modernization 2010-12, to be retired 2035 (and replaced by a further two A-26 boats?).

2 Södermanland modified A-17
(Södermanland, Östergötland), commissioned 1989-90, completely rebuilt and lengthened with Stirling AIP module 2003-04, to be retired 2018-19 and replaced by the two A-26 boats, might be sold to Singapore (RSN already have two near sisters).

6 (3 being completed, + 2 planned, + 2 in reserve) corvettes:

2 K40
1500-2800 tons, to be delivered mid 2020's and replace the two modernized Göteborg corvettes.

2 (+3 on trials) Visby
(Helsingborg, Härnösand), 640 tons, 73 meters, commissioned in 2010 in version 4 without missiles or torpedoes, to be outfitted in final version 5 with SSM and torpedoes 2012-13. (Visby, Nyköping, Karlstad), 640 tons, 73 meters, to be commissioned in version 5 with SSM and torpedoes 2012-13.

2 (+2 reserve) Göteborg
(Gävle, Sundsvall), 400 tons, 57 meters, commissioned 1991 and 1993, planned go through a mid-life modernization with somewhat reduced ambition in 2012-13, to be retired mid 2020's.[(Göteborg, Kalmar), 400 tons, 57 meters, commissioned in 1990-91, decommissioned 2005-06 and laid up in reserve, planned to be converted to surveillance boats without SSM and torpedoes to replace/complement an old surveillance boat and 12 Tapper coastal patrol boats mid 2010's.]

2 Stockholm

(Stockholm, Malmö), 380 tons, 50 meters, commissioned in 1985, completely rebuilt and modernized in 2000-02, to be retired mid 2010's.

1 Patrol ship:

1 Carlskrona

(Carlskrona), 3550 tons, 105,7 meters, commissioned 1982 as minelayer and midshipmen training ship, converted to command ship 2002-03, converted to patrol ship 2009-10, to be converted to support ship, to be retired 2018.

1 Surveillance boat:

1 Jägaren
150 tons, 36,5 meters, commissioned 1972, originally built as prototype for the Hugin class fast patrol boats, converted to surveillance boat 1988 with reduced armament, sensors, machinery and crew, to be retired mid 2010's.

12 Coastal patrol boats:

12 Tapper

(Tapper, Djärv, Dristig, Händig, Trygg, Modig, Hurtig, Rapp, Stolt, Ärlig, Munter, Orädd), 60 tons, 22 meters, commissioned 1993-99, equipped with ASW sensors and weapons, to be retired 2018-2024?

3 Coastal minelayers:

1 Furusund

(Furusund), 240 tons, 30 meters, commissioned 1983, modified and mainly used as diving and salvage vessel, to be retired mid or late 2010's?

2 MUL 12 type
(Grundsund, Fårösund), 245 tons, 31 meters, commissioned 1952-56, Grundsund belong to Naval Brigade, to be retired mid 2010's?

7 Minehunters/sweepers:
5 Koster
(Koster, Kullen, Vinga, Ven, Ulvön), 360 tons, 47,5 meters, commissioned in 1986-92, mid-life modernization in 2008-10, to be retired 2028-30.

2 Styrsö
(Styrsö, Skaftö), 200 tons, 36 meters, commissioned in 1996-97, were to go through a mid-life modernization but will now be phased out.

2 Mine clearence diver support ships:

2 Spårö
(Spårö, Sturkö), 205 tons, 36 meters, commissioned in 1996-97, rebuilt as mine clearence divers support ships in 2004-05 while retaining minehunting capability, to be retired 2020-21?

1 Drone minesweeper:

(Sökaren), 129 tons, 26 meters, commissioned in 2001, used for trials.

5 Drone mine countermeasures craft:

5 SAM 01
(SAM 01, SAM 02, SAM 03, SAM 04, SAM 05), 20 tons, 18 meters, commissioned in 1983 (SAM 01-02, 04) and 1992 (SAM 03 and 05), radio-controlled drones.

1 Mine warfare tender:

1 Ägir
(Ägir), 240 tons, 24,5 meters, commissioned 1984.

1 Intelligence collection ship:

1 Orion

(Orion), 1400 tons, 61,3 meters, commissioned in 1984, limited life extension 2010 for another 5-6 years.

2 (1 planned + 1 in reserve) support ships:

1 L 10 planned
13000 - 15000 tons, 145 - 160 meters, with limited amphibious and helicopter capability, to replace Trossö mid 2010's.[(Visborg). 2590 tons, 92 meters, commissioned as minelayer in 1976, converted to support ship 1998, decommissioned 2010, possibly to be sold to Chile.]

1 support tender:
1 Trossö
(Trossö), 2554 tons, 74,5 meters, commissioned 1988 as a Soviet oceanographic ship, bought from Estonia and converted to support tender 1997, to be replaced by L 10 mid 2010's.

1 Submarine rescue and salvage ship:
1 Belos
(Belos), 5600 tons, 105 meters, commissioned in 1985 as an oilfield supply and diver support vessel, bought 1992 and converted.

2 sonobuoy monitoring boats:

2 Ejdern
(Ejdern, Krickan), 36 tons, 19 meters, commissioned in 1991 and decommissioned in 2004 (together with two sisters), apparently recommissioned since.

7 training ships:
2 Gladan
(Gladan, Falken), 225 tons, 39 meters, sail-training schooners commissioned in 1947, used for training of cadets.

5 Altair
(Altair, Antares, Arcturus, Argo, Astrea), 85 tons, 26 meters, commissioned 2008-09, can be quickly converted for patrol or for sonobuoy monitoring, to be retired 2033-34.

~140 Combat boats:

~140 CB 90H
(803-907), 20,5 tons, 15,9 meters, commissioned 1991-97, belong to Naval Brigade, to start retire late 2010's?

Naval aviation:
- Up to 5 NH 90 NFH ordered, to be delivered in 2014-15.
- 8 A-109 Agusta (can be temporarily based on the Visby corvettes)
(In addition some of the Air Force Super Pumas can be available for search and rescue)

The Swedish navy, despite its small size and geographic location (Restricted and Shallow Baltic Sea), has always had high-tech ships and equipment.

Historically, the Navy was directed to a coastal fleet. But the next acquisition programs (heavy corvettes/ supply vessels) will begin to change that.

The "Future of the Russian Navy" (Part 1 & 2) is "keel laid down" and in "advanced building process" for months, but personnal problems prevent me continually to make this blog much more seriously/deeply.

Also note that despite my problems, I have many ideas to improve this blog. Facebook & Twitter "Combat-Fleets" accounts are already launched, but I lack time to feed them regularly !

Be Patient, thanks