Oct 31, 2010

Last....Pictures from EURONAVAL (Part 4)

OK, OK guys , but the last one set of views !

Fincantieri Stand during Euronaval 2010.

Another view (aft) from the Spanish "F2M2" advanced frigate, Navantia

A aft view from the Singapourian "Endurance 160" LHD design, ST-Marines

Singapourian armed OPV design, ST-Marines

Russian "Project 22500" corvette design

Russian's landing crafts & others designs

German "Type 125" frigate

Warships news to come back on Monday 01/11 !

Oct 29, 2010

Pictures from EURONAVAL 2010 (Part 3)

Last round of views

French SSBN
& SSN designs, DCNS

Patrol Boats Family, CMN

German Newer 105 meters corvettes, LURSSEN

Australian ANZAC FFG frigate with newer integrated mast

British Fleet Replenishment Tanker design, Rolls-Royce

Colombian advanced Riverine patrols crafts

A aft view from current French carrier study, DCNS

Likely to share progressively others stuffs in some "warships forums" during discussions feeds ;)

Oct 28, 2010

Pictures from EURONAVAL 2010 (Part 2)

French "SMX-25" highly advanced mid sub/corvette demonstrator, DCNS.

Stealthy Italian small corvette "Falaj 2", for Middle East.

French "Gowind" Corvette/OPV family, DCNS.

A another view of the current French Carrier study.

Russian "Project 22 356" frigate design

Lot of warships using Thalès electronics technology.

French "BPC's & "Brave" designs, DCNS.

Oct 27, 2010

Pictures from EURONAVAL 2010

Me during Euronaval 2010 ;)

French advanced "advansea" frigate designs, DCNS

French study for PA02 (conventionnal props), DCNS

Advanced Spanish "F2M2" frigate design, Navantia

French "MPC" modular warships, CNIM

Future Italian 20 000 tons LHD.

Singapourian "Endurance-160" LHD design, ST-Marines

Oct 8, 2010

Future of the Israeli Navy

or live beyond their financial means ...


273 km (170 mi), + a part of the Sea of Galilée lake (166 square kilometers (64 sq mi)) + a part of the Dead Sea (810 km2 (310 sq mi))

Personnal Strenght (max): 11 800+

Regular sailors: +/- 5500; Conscript: +/- 2500; Naval Commandos: +/- 300; Coast Guards : +/- 50 ; Reserve/Mobilisation: +/- 3500.

3 Corvettes (up to 5 by 2016)

Up to 2 german corvettes
The Israeli Navy were currently under final negociation with Germany for the purchase of 2 newer missiles corvettes, maybe for a 1st deliverie around 2015 ?. The 2 main possible designs were:
- a improved MEKO A-200 (with a mini Aegis)
- or the more advanced MEKO CSL ?
(in any case, the final design retained will be probably carried a small AAW weapons systems, likely a Israeli indigenous radar).

3 Eilat class (Sa’ar 5)

(Eilat, Lahav, Hanit). 1200 tons, 85 meters. Highly advanced warships for their times (early 1990’s), but suffered from serious topweight problems. Commissioned by 1994/1995, with probable 30+ year service life expected, to be retired by late 2020’s.

10 Fast Missiles attack crafts (something new from something old)

8 Hetz (sa’ar 4,5)
The 2 first ships (Romach, Keshet) commissioned by 1981/1982, a third ship (Hetz) commissioned by 1991, a another group of 3 ships (Kidon, Tarshish, Taffo) delivered by 1994/1998 and a last group of 2 ships (Herev, Sufa) commissioned by 2002/2003. +/- 480 tons, 61 meters very effective ships, but some of these ships suffered from topweight problems. To be progressively retired through mid 2010’s/mid 2030’s.

2 Reshef (Sa’ar 4)
(Nitzachon, Atzmaut). 450 tons, 58 meters. Commissioned by 1978/1979, now ageing unit, likely to be retired trough 2010’s.

In fact, it become clear that all these medium fast missiles attack crafts were well designed for coastal ops again "medium-end" threats (small/medium "arabs navy"...).

+/- 30 Mid shore Patrol boats (THE REAL WORKHORSE OF THE ISRAELI FLEET !!!)
+/- 15 Dabur class
40+ tons, 19+ meters. 34 originally built by 1973/1977, now around 15 active. Likely to be retired through 2010’s. and replaced by the newer Shaldag/Dvora Mk III serie’s.

Up to 12 Super Dvora Mk III class

12 Ordered, under deliveries.

4 Super Dvora Mk II class
60 tons, 25 meters, Commissioned by 1996. To be retired trough 2020’s.

+/- 9 Dvora Mk I class
45 tons, 21 meters, 9 originally built by 1988, now 9 active. To be retired by early 2020’s.

5 Shaldag Mk II class
24+ meters, 5 ordered.

2 Nashshol class
(Stingray Interceptor 2000 design), 3 originally built by 1997/1998, 2 still active.

4 Tzir’
Uncertain data.

In fact, it become clear that all these small crafts were well designed for coastal ops again "low-end" threats (terrorist & so).

Inshore Patrol boats
Likely some RHIB for special forces, ect…

Up to 5 Submarines
3 Dolphin class
(Dolphin, Livyathan, Tekumah). German design (derived from type 212). Well know to be each able to carry 3 or 4 nuclear capable cruise-missiles. Commissioned by 1999/2000. With probable +/- 30 year of service, to be retired by late 2020’s.

2 Improved Dolphin
(not yet named). Currently under construction in german shipyards, to be commissioned around late 2010/early 2012.

Up to 4 furthers SSK ?
Currently, Germany has reconsidered providing funding for a sixth submarine for the Israeli navy. (due to the financial situation). Few israeli officials have repeatedly announced that the Israeli Navy had a future requirement of up to 9 submarines !. But this figure (probably announced to impress Iran…) seems too large & unrealistic for the Israeli finance (and real ops needs).

Unmanned crafts
Rafael Protector USV
The Israeli is well known to be one of the first navy of the world to operate USV craft.

2 Amphibious
1 Ashdod (LCT)
1 LCM (US type)

Auxiliary Ships
3 Cargo ships
(Keshet, Nir, Nahariya). Two of these has ex german type T45 auxiliary ships.

1 Tug
a 78 tons tugs.

Israeli Coast Guards (+/- 50)

4 Small patrol crafts

Naval Aviation
+/- 2 Aircrafts: 2 C-130
+/- 26 Helico:
(ASW use): 7 AS-565SA Panther, 2 SA-366 G Dauphin.
(SAR use): 17 Bel 212.

In resume:
The Israeli navy, to counter the Hezbollah/Syrian/Iranian threats, is trying to master at all costs the high seas (submarines, AAW corvettes). But it is very clear that these very expensive vessels can be paid ONLY by the financial US/German aid…. The REAL solution (and future) depends very probably from naval intelligence/cyber-wars (as usual) and smaller units.

Next fleet review/edito :
Future of the Mexican Navy or (if news events…) Future of the Royal Navy (chapter 2: THE DAY AFTER).

PS: I'm working on a mega/giga review of the Russian fleet, but this review (likely in 2 very big parts) is currently on standby (it can happen this November?).

As usual, It may be that in my opinion, I forgot programs ? (or made few mistakes ?, especially in smaller crafts !), then said it ! Feel free to comment and give your opinion !

Oct 1, 2010

Future of the Portuguese Navy

Think Atlantic, but don't forget the capability to sail much away...

943 km (586 mi) in continental Portugal, 667 km in the Azores, 250 km in Madeira and in the Salvage Islands.
Portugal has the 3rd largest EEZ
of the EU and the 11th in the world. The seazone over which the Portuguese have special rights over the exploration and use of marine resources, has 1,727,408 sqm.

Total Personnal Strenght (2006/2007 estimates):
Regular: 8775; Active reservists: 335; Reserve: 900: Portugese Marines: 1725.

Up to 1 LPD or Ro-Ro ?
Since some years, the Portuguese navy planned to acquire a sealift/amphibious ship able for “projection” use. Currently the current financial situation slow the project. The possible design contenders are:
- New Zealand 9000 tons “Canterburry” design.
- A smaller version of the Spanish Juan Carlos I design.
- A German MD 150 design.
- A smaller (12/14000 tons) version of the French “Mistral” BPC.
- A smaller dutch “Enforcer” LPD design.

It is possible that this ship appear around late 2010’s/through 2020’s.

5 Frigates (toward a common class by late 2020’s ?)
3 Vasco Da Gama
(Vasco da Gama, Alvares Cabral, Corte-Real), 3000+ tons, 115 meters (German Meko 200 PN design). Commissioned by 1990/1992, with probable +/- 30 year service life expected, to be retired by 2020/2022+.

2 Bartolomeu Dias
(Bartolomeu Dias, Francisco de Almeida), 3000 tons, 122 meters (ex dutch frigate of the « Karel Doorman » class). Designed by mid 1980’s. Originally in dutch service by 1994, transferred to Portuguese by 2009/2010. With probable +/- 30 year service life expected, to be retired by late 2020’s.

It is very likely that these 5 frigates, to be retired by late 2020’s, should be replaced by a single (as usual….fewer & bigger…) frigates class (three or four 3500/4500 tons frigates).

7 Corvettes (toward fewer and biggers…OPV)
3 Baptista de Andrade
(Baptista de Andrade, Joao Roby, Afonso Cerqueira), 1300+ tons, 81 meters corvettes (improved Joao Coutinho design). Built in Spanish shipyards. Commissioned by 1974/1975, with probable 30 year service life expected, to be retired by mid 2010’s.

4 Joao Coutinho
(Antonio Enes, Joao Coutinho, Jacinto Candido, General Pereira D’Eca), 1300 tons, 81 meters corvette design. Built in Spanish/german shipyards. Commissioned by 1970/1971, with probable +/- 30 year service life expected, to be retired soon, by early 2010’s.

These nearly similar 2 class of 1300 tons corvettes are planned to be replaced by a common class of OPV :

Up to 6 Viana do Castelo class OPV
(Viana do Castelo, Figueira da Foz, Sines, Ponta Delgada, Funchel, Aveiro). 1600 tons, 83 meters OPV (NPO 2000 Project). Commissioned by 2010/2012.

Up to 2 submarines (a total renewal !)
2 Tridente class
(Tridente, Arpao), 1700 tons, 65 meters SSK of the german type 214/209PN design. These 2 ships replace now 2 retired obsolete 1960’s SSK of French design. Commissioned by 2010/2011. With probable 30 year service life, to be retired around 2040.

4 Offshore Patrols Boats (toward 0 ?)
4 Cacine
(Save, Cacine, Zaire, Cuanza). 292 tons, 44 meters. Commissioned by 1970. Likely to be “indirectly” replaced by the newer “Viana do Castelo” OPV class.

Mid Shore Patrols Boats
4 Centauro
(Sagitario, Pegaso, Centauro, Orion). 94 tons, 27 meters. Commissioned by 2001 and to be retired by late 2020's/early 2030's.

1 Rio Minho.
“Rio-Minho”. 70 tons, 22 meters. Commissioned by 1991 and to be retired by late 2010's/early 2020's.

5 Argos
(Dragoa, Escorpiao, Cassiopeia, Hidra, Argos). 94 tons, 27 meters. Commissioned by 1991
and to be retired by late 2010's/early 2020's.

2 Albatros
(Cisne, Aguia). 43 tons, 21 meters. Commissioned by 1975/1976 and to be retired by late 2010's max.

Up to 5 LFC
(coastal Patrol Crafts), expected through 2010's ?

3 Training/Sailing ships
1 « Creoula »
1000 tons, 67 meters. 1937.

1 « Sagres »
1900 tons, 70 meters, 1937

1 « Polar »
70 tons, 23 meters, built by 1977 in dutch shipyard and transferred to Portuguese by 1983.

1 Fleet Tanker
1 « Berrio »
4700/11500 tons, 140 meters. Ex british “blue rover”, built by 1970, transferred by 1993. To be retired by late 2010’s/early 2020’s and ? maybe ? replaced by a more versatile ships (maybe a smaller Joint Support Ship design ?)

Others Auxiliary
up to 2 future "pollution combat ships (NCP's)
Derived from the NPO 2000 OPV design. To be commissioned during 2010's.

1 « Shultz Xavier »
900 tons, 56 meters,
Buoy ship, 1972.

2 « Andromeda »
(Auriga, Andromeda), 245 tons, 31 meters.
Hydrographic ships, commissioned by 1988.

Small amphibious crafts
1 « Bacamarte » 650 tons, 56 meters, 1985.

1 LCU (maybe confused with the LCT ?)

Some LARC-5 amphibious vehicles.

Some Zebro class inflatable boat.

Some LDM 100/400 landing crafts

Portuguese Marines (1725 troops)
15 heavy mortars (120mm).
Some others mortars (60/81mm).
Some anti-tank missile/recoilless guns.
20 Pandur II (8x8) Heavy Armored Vehicles under delivery. Obviously, some others lighters vehicles & so.

Portugese Naval Aviation
5 helico:
5 Lynx Mk95 (super lynx)

The Portuguese Navy was currently under heavy modernisation (sub's, patrol crafts). Although the country's financial ressources are tighter, the Portuguese Navy may be happy to have a +/- reasonnable size (except in naval aviation), consistent with the portuguese ambitions.

Next fleet review/editorial: Future of the Israeli Navy.

As usual, It may be that in my opinion, I forgot programs ? (or made few mistakes ?), then said it ! Feel free to comment and give your opinion !