Mar 7, 2012

Future of the Algerian Navy

Toward a progressive modernisation

Of the entire Algerian land aera, water surface (Rivers/Lakes) was negligible. Coastlines: 998 km; A EEZ of
128,865 km2 claimed.

Personnal Strenght:
6000 (included 500 officers)

Naval Bases:
Mers El Kebir; Algiers; Annaba; Jibel

+/- 2 Light Frigates/Corvettes
Up to 2 Tigr
2000 tons, Ordered by 2011, to be commissioned by 2015.

3 Mourad Rais
(Mourad Rais, Rais Kellik, Rais Korfu). 1500+ tons (Russian Koni corvette). Commissioned by 1980/1984.

Up to 2 Rais Hadi Slimane/Improved Kilo
To be commissioned in the following years

2 Rajs Hadi Mubarek/Kilo
(Rajs Hadj Mubarek, El Hadj Slimane). 3000 tons (Russian Project 887EKM Kilo). Commissioned by 1987/1988.

3 Corvettes
3 Rais Hamidou
(Rais Hamidou, Salah Rais, Rais Ali). 675 tons (Russian Nanuchka II design). Commissioned by 1980/1982.

Fast Attack Missiles Crafts
9 Osa II
(644, 645, 646, 647, 648, 649, 650, 651, 652). 240 tons. Commissioned by 1976/1980.

2 Osa I
(641, 642). 200+ tons. Commissioned by 1967.

Status of these ageing crafts highly uncertain....

Off Shore Patrol Vessels
3 Djebel Chenoua
(Djebel Chenoua, El Chihab, El Kirch). 550 tons. Commissioned by 1988/1995.

El Idrissi (Survey Ship)
(El Idrissi). 540 tons (Japanese built). Commissioned by 1980.

Mid Shore Patrol Vessels
11 Kebir
(El Djari, El Kechef, El Morakeb, El Moukadem, El Moutarid, El Rassed, El Saher, El Wafi, El Yadekh). 250 tons. Commissioned by 1982/1986.

Amphibious Ships
Up to 1 Improved San Giorgo
Ordered by 2011, to be commissioned by 2014.

1 Polnochny B (LSM)
(471). 800 tons. Commissioned by 1976.

2 Kalaat Beni Hammed (LST)
(Kalaat Beni Hammed, Kalaat Beni Rached). 2100+ tons. Commissioned by 1984.

Auxiliary Ships
1 Daxin (Training)
Uncertain data ?

El Mourafik (Salvage Ship)
(El Mourafik). 1000 tons

Patrol Crafts
4 Baglietto
Uncertain data ?

7 El Mouderrib
Uncertain data ?

4 El Mounkid
Uncertain data ?

20 Ocea FPB-98
100 tons, 31+ meters, commissioned by 2008/2011.

- 4 C-295 Persuader (Maritime Patrol), commissioned by 2011.

- 5 Ka-31 (ASW), commissioned by 1997
- 6 AW-101 (SAR), commissioned by 2011
- 4 Super Lynx Mk 130 (ASW), commissioned by 2011

As usual, It may be that in my opinion, I forgot programs ? (or made some mistakes ?, especially for the auxiliary & smaller ships/crafts), then said it ! Feel free to comment and give your opinion !

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  1. Hi Mike!

    Source: Combat Fleets 2009-10

    Personnel strength 2009:

    7,500 (500 officers) (Navy) incl. at least 600 naval infantry; 500 (Coast Guard)

    Some ship length data:

    Koni class 96,4 meters, Kilo class 72,6 meters, Nanuchka II 59,3 meters, Djebel Chenoua class 58,4 meters, Kebir class 37,5 meters, Polnochny B class 75 meters.

    Regarding the three Djebel Chenoua (C58) class (project 802) vessels CF classify them as corvettes. With a heavy SSM armament of four C 802 missiles they can hardly be classified as OPVs. (351) Djebel Chenoua commissioned in 1988, (352) El Chihab commissioned in 1995 and (353) Al Kirch commissioned in 2002. A fourth ship is under consideration. Built with Bulgarian assistance based on the Bazán Cormoran class.

    Regarding the Kebir class patrol vessels fifteen are reported to be operational, but of those six have been transferred to the Coast Guard. Built successively in batches from 1982 on to the early 00s. Displace 200 tons fl. Names reported (apart from those already mentioned by you) are El Tinai, El Kanass, El Mahir, El Azoum, El Djasur and El Hamis.

    At least six Osa II class FAC-M are reported to be still operational, but no Osa I class operational.

    Landing ships tank (472) Kalaat Beni Hammad and (473) Kalaat Beni Rached have a length of 93 meters and displace 2,450 tons fl.

    Training ship (937) Soummam of the Daxin class was commissioned in 2006 with a length of 130 meters and displacement 5,470 tons fl.

    There is also the survey ship (BH 204) El Idrissi delivered in 1980 with a displacement of 540 tons fl.

    The following vessels belong to the Coast Guard:

    GC 261) El Mourafek is classified as a coast guard support ship (not a salvage ship) and she was delivered in 1990 with a length of 59 meters and displacement 600 tons fl. May have a minelaying capability.

    All six Baglietto Mangusta class PB reported operational. Delivered in 1977 onwards with a length of 30 meters and displacement 91 tons fl.

    There are also four smaller Baglietto type 20 PBF still operational. They were delivered in 1976 with a length of 20 meters and displacement 44 tons fl.

    Of the seven El Mouderrib class AXL two are reported non-operational. They have a length of 58,8 meters and displace 388 tons fl. Based on Chinese Hainan class with modified propulsion and superstructure. Mostly used for training.

    The four El Mounkid class are used for SAR.

    A total of twentyone Ocea FPB 98 class patrol craft are planned with delivery from 2008 to 2012.

    There is also the twelve Jebel Antar class patrol craft built in 1982-83 with a length of 17 meters.

    Coast defence:

    Four batteries of truck-mounted SS-C-3 Styx twin launchers.