Oct 29, 2011

Future of the Romanian Navy

At the crossroads

Of the entire Romanian land aera, 3% (7,160 km²) were of water (Rivers/Lakes), Coastlines: 193 to 245 km, a EEZ of20,598 km2 claimed.

Personnal Strenght: 7150

3 Frigates
1 Maraseti
(Maraseti). 5500+ tons, 144+ meters. Commissioned by 1985.

2 Regele Ferdinand
(Regele Ferdinand, Regina Maria). 4800/5500 tons, 146+ meters (ex 1980's British Type 22 batch-2 FFG). Transferred by 2003/2004.

4 Corvettes
2 Tetal I
(Amiral Petre Barbureanu, Contra Amiral Eugen Rosca). 1400+ tons, 92+ meters. Commissioned by 1983/1987.

2 Tetal II
(Contra Amiral Eustatiu Sebastian, Contra Amiral Horia Macelaru). 1540/1660 tons, 92+ meters (project 1048M). Commissioned by 1989/1996.

3 Corvettes
3 Zborul
(Zborul, Pescarusul, Lastunul). (Russian Tarantul I FAC). 385:455 tons, 56+ meters (project 1241E). Transferred by 1990/1991.

3 Fast Attack Torpedo Crafts
3 Naluca
(Smeul, Vijelia, Vulcanul). 190 tons, 38+ meters (Osa I variant). Commissioned by 1979/1981.

4 Musca
(Lt Remus lepri, Lt Lupu Dinescu, Lt Dimitrie Nicolescu, Slt Alexandra Axente). 790 tons, 60+ meters. Commissioned by 1986/1989.

6 VD-141 (now used as a patrol crafts)
90+ tons, 33+ meters. Commissioned by 1976/1984

Auxiliaries Ships
1 Vice Amiral Constantin Balescu (Minelayers)
1200/1400 tons, 79 meters. Commissioned by 1981

1 Constanta (combattant tender)
(Constanta). 2850 tons, 108 meters. Commissioned by 1980.

1 Emil Racovita (Intelligence Ship)
(Emil Racovita). 1900 tons, 70+ meters. Commissioned by 1977.

1 Mircea (sail training ship)
(Mircea). 1600 tons, 81+ (ex german ship). Commissioned by 1939.

1 Albatros (general cargo)
(Albatros). 8750 tons, 130 meters (1970's ship). Acquired by 1995.

1 TM-532 (small tanker)
(TM-532). 2100+ TONS, 76+ meters. Commissioned by 1992.

1 Grigore Antipa ((Salvage ship)
(Grigore Antipa). 1450 tons, 79 meters. Commissioned by 1980.

Likely some others small crafts
Uncertain data ?

3 Mihail Kogalniceanu (River Monitor)
(Mihail Kogalniceanu, Ion C Bratianu, Lascar Catagiu). 520+ tons, 52+ meters. Commissioned by 1993/1998

5 Smardan/Brutar (River Monitor)
(Rahova, Opanez, Smardan, Posada, Rovine). 320 tons, 45+ meters. Commissioned by 1987/1993.

18 VB-76 rivers patrol crafts
(VB-76/93). 120 tons, 32+ meters. Commissioned by 1973/1982.

Armored Vehicles (wheeled): 13 ABC-79M; 3 TABC-79M

As usual, It may be that in my "fleet review", I forgot programs ? (or made few mistakes ?, especially for the auxiliary and smaller ships), then SAID IT ! Feel free to comment and give your opinion


  1. My sources are Romanian navy official site (at http://www.navy.ro/en/index1.html), various Romanian forums and Combat Fleets of the world 2002-03.

    The Muntenia class frigate Marasesti was originally commissioned in 1985, but was laid up in 1988 due to severe topweight problems. After major modifications she was completed again in 1992, but retains excess topweight. Put up for sale in 1993, but has remained in commission.

    Of the two project 1048M Tetal-II class corvettes 264 Contre-Amiral Eustatiu Sebastian was commissioned in 1989, and 265 Contre-Amiral Horia Macellariu was commissioned in 1996. They displace 1540/1660 tons.

    The three project 1241E Tarantul I class missile corvettes were transferred and commissioned in 1990-91. They have a length of 56,1 m and displace 385/455 tons.

    The three Năluca (Epitrop) class boats are not missile crafts but a Romanian built torpedo carrying variant of the Russian Osa I class. 202 Smeul was commissioned in 1979, 204 Vijelia in 1980, and 209 Vulcanul in 1981. They have a length of 38,8 m and displace 190 tons fl.

    The Cosar class minelayer 271 Vice Amiral Ioan Murgescu was scrapped in 2011, but her sister the 274 Vice Amiral Constantin Balescu remains active as a minelayer. Vice Amiral Constantin Balescu displace 1451 tons fl.

    The four Musca class vessels are oceangoing minesweepers. 24 Lt Remus Lepri was commissioned in 1986, 25 Lt Lupu Dinescu in 1989, 29 Lt Dimitrie Nicolescue in 1989, and 30 Sublt Alexandru Axente in 1989.

    The six VD-141 class river minesweepers are now used for river patrol (belong to Romanian river flotilla or Danube Flotilla as it's called).

    The Croitor class small combatant tender 281 Constanta appears to be active. She was commissioned in 1980, has a length of 108 m and displace 2850 tons fl.

    Emil Racovita is an intelligence collection ship which was commissioned in 1977. She has a length of 70,1 m and displace 1900 tons fl.

    Mircea is a German Horst Wessel class sail training ship which was commissioned in 1939. She has a length of 81,3 m and displace 1604 tons fl.

    There is also the Dolj class general cargo ship Albatros which was launched in 1977 and acquired in 1995. She has a length of 130,8 m and displace 8750 tons fl.

    There is also the small seagoing tanker TM 532 which was commissioned in 1992. She has a length of 76,3 m and displace 2170 tons fl.

    There is also the submersible tender / salvage ship [ARS] Grigore Antipa which was commissioned in 1980. She has a length of 79 m and displace 1450 tons fl.

    The three Mihail Kogalniceanu class vessels are river monitors.

    The five Brutar II class vessels (Rahova, Opanez, Smardan, Posada and Rovine) are river monitors commissioned 1987 - 93.