Oct 29, 2011

Future of the Polish Navy

Maybe too ambitious ?

Of the entire Polish land aera, 3,07% were of water (Rivers/Lakes). Coastline: 491 km. A EEZ of 30,533 km2.

Personnal Strenght:

2 Frigates

2 General Kazimierz Pulaski

(General Kazimierz Pulaski, General Tadeusz Kosciuszko). 3600/4100, 136 meters (ex 1980's US O.H.Perry FFG). Transferred by 2000/2002.

3+ Corvettes

Up to 7 Gawron ?
(Slazak, Kujawiak, Krakowiak, Mazur, Kurp, Goral,?). 1600/2000 tons, 90+ meters (German Meko 100-A). This (too ambitious) program faces enormous problems of delays/cost overruns (and mismanagement). It is now very likely that the first ship will be finished only by 2015+ (after 10 years of construction !). Other ships are VERY uncertain......wait & see

1 Kaszub

(Kaszub). 1100+ tons, 82+ meters. Commissioned by 1987.

2 Tarantul I

(Metalowiec, Rolnik). 480/550 tons, 56 meters (1980's Russian Tarantil I FAC). Transferred by 1988/1989.

3 Fast Attack Missile Crafts

3 Orkan

(Orkan, Poirun, Grom). 350+ tons, 48+ meters. Commissioned by 1992/1995, modernised by 2009/2012.

5 Submarines

1 Kilo

(Orzel). 2400/3000 tons, 72+ meters (Russian Kilo SSK). Commissioned by 1986.

4 Kobben
(Sokol, Sep, Bielik, Kondor). 430/480 tons, 47+ meters (ex 1960's Norwegian SSK's). Transferred by 2002/2004.


3 Krogulec (206FM
(Flaming, Mewa, Czajka). 420/500 tons, 58+ meters. Commissioned by 1962/1967, modernised by 1999/2001.

12 or 13 Gardno/Goplo (Project 207 D/P)

(Gardno, Bukowo, Dabie, Jamno, Mielno, Wicko, Resko, Sarbsko, Necko, Naklo, Druzno, Hancza). 210+ tons, 38+ meters. Commissioned by 1981/1991.

4 Mamry

(Mamry, Wigry, Sniardwy, Wdzydze). 210+ tons, 38+ meters (Improved Goplo MCM design). Commissioned by 1991/1995


5 Lublin (LSM/Minelayers)

(Lublin, Gniezno, Krakow, Poznan, Torun). 1745 tons, 95+ meters (project 767). Commissioned by 1989/1991.

3 Deba (LCU)
(KD-11/13). 176 tons, 37+ meters ( Project 716). Commissioned by 1988/1991

4 Salvage Ships
2 Piast
(Piast, Lech). 1600 tons, 72+ meters. Commissioned by 1974.

2 Zbyszko

(Zbyszko, Macko). 380 tons, 35 meters. Commissioned by 1991/1992.

Auxiliaries Ships

1 Kontradmiral Xawery Czenicki

(Kontradmiral Xawery Czenicki). 2290 tons, 72+ meters (Bereza class). Commissioned by 2011.

1 Baltyk (small replenishment)

(Baltyk). 2980+ tons, 84+ meters. Commissioned by 1991.

2 Heweliusz (Hydrographic ships)

(Heweliusz, Arctowski). 1218 tons, 61+ meters (project 874). Commissioned by 1982.

2 Nawigator (Intelligence ships)
(Nawigator, Hydrograf). 1675 tons, 73+ meters (project 863). Commissioned by 1975.

6 Training Ships

1 Wodnik (training ships)
(Wodnik). 1745 tons, 72+ meters. Commissioned by 1976. A second ship (Gryf) now only used as a pontoon/base ship.

2 Podchorazy (training ship)
(Podchorazy, Kadet). Uncertain data ?

1 Iskra (sail training ship)
(Iskra). 498 tons, 49 meters. Commissioned by 1982.

1 Mid shore patrol vessel
1 SKS-40 Type. Uncertain data ?

In Shore Patrol Vessels (uncertain data ?)
Few patrol Crafts Type 90
Severals SAR Crafts 1500
Few Interceptors Crafts Parker 900 Baltic K
Few Patrol Crafts IC16M III
Few Patrol 240 Baltic
Few Overcrafts (Griffon 2000 TD)


- 12 PZL M28B Bryza (Patrol/Utility) or 8 An-28B1R and 2 An-28E ???
- 2 An-28 TD (Transport)


- 4 Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite (ASW)
- 2 Mi-17 (Mi-8MT) Transport)
- 7 PZL W-3RM Anakonda (SAR) and 2 PZL W-3T Sokol (Utility)
- 2 PZL Mi-2 (Utility) and 3 others in reserve ?
- 6 Mi-14PL (SAR) and 3 Mi-14PS Haze (SAR)

As usual, It may be that in my "fleet review", I forgot programs ? (or made few mistakes ?, especially for the auxiliary and smaller ships), then SAID IT ! Feel free to comment and give your opinion


  1. My sources are Polish navy official site (at http://www.mw.mil.pl/index) and Combat Fleets of the world 2002-03.

    Of the two O H Perry class frigates ORP General K. Pulaski was commissioned in 2000 and ORP General T. Kosciuszko in 2002.

    The three FAC missile of the Orkan class are being modernized by Thales and equipped with the RBS-15 Mk3 missile during 2009-12.

    The four Kobben class coastal submarines were transferred and recommissioned during 2002-04.

    The three project 206FM Krogulec class minehunters were originally commissioned in 1966-67. During 1999-01 they were extensively overhauled and modernized to NATO standards.

    Project 207P Gardno class minesweepers include 12 vessels which were commissioned 1984 to 1991.

    The four project 207M Mamry class minesweepers were commissioned 1992 - 1994.

    The five project 767 Lublin class LSM were commissioned 1989 - 1991, and they have a length of 95,8 m and displace 1745 tons. They've been reclassified from LSM to transports/minelayers.

    The three project 716 Deba class LCU were commissioned in 1988 (KD-11) and 1991 (KD-12 and KD-13), and they have a length of 37,2 m and displace 176 tons fl.

    The two Piast class salvage ships were commissioned in 1974, and they have a length of 72,6 m and displace 1600 tons.

    The two Zbyszko class salvage ships were commissioned in 1991-92. They have a length of 35 m and displace 380 tons.

    The Bereza class fleet support ship ORP Kontradmiral X. Czernicki was commissioned in 2001, and she has a length of 72,9 m and displace 2290 tons fl. She has been reconfigured to carry 140 troops with full equipment.

    The two project 874 Hewelius class vessels are hydrographic ships commissioned in 1982. They have a length of 61,6 m and displace 1218 tons.

    "1 Baltyk" must be the ZP-1200-class small replenishment oiler ORP Baltyk which was commissioned in 1991. She has a length of 84,7 m and displace 2984 tons fl.

    The project 861 Moma class hydrographic ship ORP Kopernik was decommissioned in 2006.

    The two project 863 modified Moma class intelligence collectors ORP Nawigator and ORP Hydrograf were commissioned in 1975. They have a length of 73,3 m and displace 1675 tons fl.

    The training ship ORP Gryf (project 888 Wodnik class) is no longer operational and now serves as a base ship and harbour-locked naval school of the Polish Navy. Her sister ORP Wodnik is still in service as a training ship. The two Wodnik class ships were originally commissioned in 1976, and they have a length of 72,2 m and displace 1745 tons.

    The training boat ORP Elew was decommissioned in 2005 (sorry no info on the other two boats of the class).

    The sail trining ship ORP Iskra was commissioned in 1982, and she has a length of 49 m and displace 498 tons.

  2. Am 15.12.2009 war der "Gryf" in Gdynia verschrottet.

    Gryf is scrapped in 2009

  3. what is the future of the polish navy