Jul 15, 2011

Future of the Finnish Navy

The Paramount of the "Small Scall Coastal Warfare"

I am still lack time to find additionnal data about the smaller crafts :(

Of the entire Finnish land aera, 31,560 km² (or 10%) were of water (Rivers/Lakes).
Coastline: 1,126 km (excludes islands and coastal indentations).

Personnal Strenght +/- 4100
(2000 conscript included).

Up to 6 ? newer corvette/Frigates ?
Next generation's Finnish surface combatant, bigger than the current missile crafts & more capable for international co-operation, is in pre-development stage. The new class of multi-purpose naval vessels, dubbed MTA 2020 in the preliminary papers, is intended to replace Hämeenmaa and Pohjanmaa class minelayers and Rauma class missile boats as they are retired, likely around 2018/2022.

+/- 8 Fast Attack Missiles Crafts
4 Hamina
(Hamina, Tornio, Hanko, Pori). 250 tons, 51 meters. Commissioned by 1998/2006, with probable +/- 30 year of service expected, to be retired around 2028/2036.

4 Rauma
(Rauma, Raahe, Porvoo, Naantali). 240+ tons, 48+ meters. Commissioned by 1990/1992, modernised by 2010-2013, with probable +/- 30 year of service, to be retired around ? 2020/2022.

Mine-Warfare Ships
2 Hameenmaa (Minelayers/Escort)
(Hämeenmaa, Uusimaa). 1400+ tons, 77+ meters. Commissioned by 1992, heavily modernised by 2006/2008 (newer gun, helico platform aft...), likely to remain in service until late 2020's.

1 Pohjanmaa
(Pohjanmaa). 1400+ tons, 78+ meters. Commissioned by 1979.

3 Pansio
(Pansio, Pyhäranta, Porkkala). 650+ tons, 43 meters. Commissioned by 1991/1992.

6 Kuha
(Kuha 1-6). 130+ tons, 31+ meters. Commissioned by 1975, to be retired by early 2010’s by the Katanpää-class.

7 Kiiski
(Kiiski 1-7). 20 tons, 15+ meters. Commissioned by 1975. (Unmanned radio controlled mine sweeping crafts).

Up to 3 Katanpää-class mine-countermeasure vessels
(Katanpää , Purunpää , third ship not yet named). 680 tons, 52+ meters, to be commissioned by 2011/2012 and to remain in service until 2040/2042.

2 Coastal ASW Crafts
2 Kiisla
(Kiisla, Kurki). 280 tons, 48+ meters. Commissioned by 1984/1988 (in the Finnish Coast Guards), transferred by 2002/2004.

+/- 9 Command Launch Crafts
4 Syoksy (command launch)
(Syoksy, Jymy, Raju, Vinha).

3 Trasko
(Trasko, Torso, Alskar).

1 Askeri

1 Kemio

Severals dozens ? of Small Amphibious Crafts
+/- 38 ? Urmo Landing Crafts

Uisko landing crafts
U 200's, U300's, U400's serie's.

+/- 35 G-Class

+/- 11 L-100 class
(L-101/106; L-108/113).

+/- 22 Coastal Transports/Coastal Crafts
2 Lohi
(Lohi, Lohm).

6 Hauki
(Hauki, Havouri, Hirsala, Hankoniemi, Hakuni, Houtskar).

4 Hila
(Hila, Haruna, Hasto, Hogsara).

2 Kala
(Kala 4, Kala 6).

5 Valas
(Valas, Mursu, Vahakari, Vaarlahti, Vano).

3 Kampela
(Kamplea 1-3).

2 Coastal Tugs
2 Haukippa
(Haukipaa, Kallanpaa).

+/- 7 Training Crafts
2 Lokki
(Lokki, Kajava).

2 Heikki
(H1, H3).

3 Fabian Wrede
(Fabian Wrede, Wilhelm Carpelan, Axel Von Fersen).

2 Pollution Control Vessels
Built by 2010/2011 (Minelaying capable).

Uncertain data ?

Others Auxiliaries
2 Cable Ships

Finnish Coastal Defence
Anti-Ships Missiles
- Spike-ER (carried by coastal infantry).
- RSB-15 Mk3 (Truck carried).

Coastal Artillery:
Fixed Guns: +/- 56 100mm/56 TK (Tank Turrets).
Mobile Guns: +/- 30 130mm/53 TK; +/- 72 130mm/K54; maybe few 130mm K90/60 ?

Finnish Naval Aviation
- 1 F-27 Maritime Enforcer (ASW).
- 2 DO-228 (Maritime survey, used by Frontier Guards).

- Some AS-332 Super-Puma, Bel 206 and Bel 412 able to be used as a naval helico (SAR, Survey...).

Finnish Frontier Guards +/- 3100 (Air/Land/Sea both included)
- Up to 6 Off-Shore Patrol Vessels ?
- Up to 60 small crafts (RHIB's, IPV's) ?

As usual, It may be that in my opinion, I forgot programs ? (or made few mistakes ?, especially for the auxiliary and smaller ships), then SAID IT ! Feel free to comment and give your opinion !


  1. The Rauma class FAC are being modernized during 2010-2013, and all are scheduled to be operational again in 2014. My assessment is that they will serve well into the 2020's.

    Maybe it should be mentioned that the Hämeenmaa class minelayers were both rebuilt and modernized during 2006-08 and fitted with a 57 mm gun, Umkhonto-IR SAM and a helo platform aft.

    The two Kiisla class boats are not mine warfare ships, but patrol boats with emphasis on ASW. They were transferred from the Finnish Coast Guard in 2002 (Kiisla) and 2004 (Kurki).

    The new pollution control vessel Louhi can be armed and used for minelaying in wartime.

    The seven Kiiski class boats are unmanned radio controlled mine sweeping crafts, but are usually manned of course.

  2. Hi Mike!

    Some late updates on the Finnish navy:

    The third MCM vessel of the Katanpää class was named Vahterpää on 3 November 2011. All three vessels to become operational by 2014.

    (The following updates from Jane's Fighting Ships 2009-10:)

    Personnel strength 2009: 2,200 regulars and 3,650 conscripts.

    Command launches [YFB] Träskö, Torsö and Alskär has a displacement of 13 tons fl and a length of 13 m. These three are used as fast transports. Command launches Jymy, Raju, Syöksy and Vinha are of the same class. All seven were delivered in 1991-93.

    Command launch [YFB] Askeri was completed in 1992, and has a displacement of 25 tons fl and a length of 16 m.

    Intelligence collector Kustaanmiekka [AGI] not listed in JFS 2009/10 so she may not be operational any longer.

    There are 36 assault boats [LCP] of the Jurmo class with pennant numbers U 601-636. These have a displacemnet of 1o tons fl and a length of 14,3 m.

    There are 30 assault boats [LCP] of the Meriuisko class with pennant numbers running in the U200, -300 and -400 series. These have a displacement of 10 tons fl and a length of 11 m.

    There are 23 raiding crafts [LCVP] of the G-class.

    There are 10 [YFL] personnel transports built in GRP of the L-100 class with pennant numbers L 100-109. These were delivered in 1991-92, with a displacement of 13 tons fl and a length of 13 m.

    The two [LCU] transports Lohi and Lohm of the Lohi class commissioned in 1984 with a displacement of 38 tons fl and a length of 20 m. Used by the Coastal Artillery.

    The six Hauki class transports [AKSL] completed 1979 with a displacement of 45 tons fl and a length of 14,5 m. Used by the Coastal Artillery.

    The four Hila class transports [AKSL] commissioned in 1991-94 with a displacement of 50 tons fl and a length of 15 m. Used by the Coastal Artillery.

    The two [LCU] surviving transports Kala 4 and 6 of the Kala class completed in 1956 (Kala 4) and 1959 (Kala 6) with a displacement of 60/200 tons and a length of 27 m.

    Of the five general purpose transports of the Valas class completed in 1979-80 Mursu acts as a diving tender. They have a displacement of 285 tons fl and a length of 30,6 m. All can be be used as minelayers.

    Of the three [LCU] transports Kampela 1-3 the first two (Kampela 1-2) commissioned in 1976 and the last (Kampela 3) in 1979. They have a displacement of 90/260 tons and a length of 32,5 m.

    The two harbour tugs [YTM] Haukipää and Kallanpää delivered in 1985 with a displacement of 38 tons fl and a length of 14 m.

    Training crafts [AX] Lokki of the Lokki class was commissioned in 1981 and Kajava of the Tiira class in 1986. Both originally commissioned in the Frontier Guard and transferred to the navy in 1999. Lokki has a displacement of 59 tons (V-shaped hull) and Kajava 64 tons, and they have a length of 26,8 m.

    The three training crafts [AX] of the Fabian Wrede class have a displacement of 65 tons fl, and a length of 19,8 m.

    The new multipurpose oil and chemical spill response vessel Louhi was commissioned in May 2011 with a displacement of 3,450 tons Fl and a length of 71,4 m.

    Of the two very similar pollution control vessels [YPC] Hylje was commissioned in 1981 and Halli in 1987. Hylje has a displacement of 1500 tons with a length of 50 m., and Halli has a displacement of 1600 tons and a length of 60,5 m.

    No mention of any cable ships with numbers K 410/411 but there is the cable ship [ANL] Putsaari commissioned in 1966. She has a displacement of 430 tons fl and a length of 45,6 m.

    There is also the trials craft [MLI] Isku commissioned in 1970 with a displacement of 180 tons fl and a length of 33 m. She can be quickly converted to a minelayer.

    There is also the utility transport [YFB] Pikkala commissioned in 1946 with a displacement of 66 tons fl and a length of 23 m.

    Finnish Frontier Guard has six offshore patrol vessels (with a displacement ranging from 400 tons to 1250 tons fl.), 7 hovercrafts and 39 inshore patrol craft and tenders.

  3. Hi Mike, what amazing level of detail (as I am from Finland)!

    One little mistake in coastal artillery: the 130 mm pieces marked TK are not mobile as TK stands for TorniKanuuna. They are in well armoured turrets and have a range of 30 km.

    You may wonder why the strength is so much higher than you indicated? The Marines Brigade has been part of the navy for a long time (served there when it was taking its marine tasking, but still part of the army). Nowhere near a full bde in peace time, but on mobilisation there are additionally 6 Marines companies (I believe tasked to protect the coastal artillery installations).

    The latest reorg did not affect kit or strength (some minor cuts) but the two commands were renamed, with even further emphasis on integration between operations on land (islands included) and at sea.

  4. Some updates:

    Pohjanmaa (01) will be decommissioned in 2013. Hämeenmaa will likely take up the role as the flagship of the Finnish Navy.

    Some decommissioned ships: Putsaari (cable ship), Kustaanmiekka (intelligence gathering ship), Kiisla (Kiisla-class ASW), Kurki (Kiisla-class ASW), Tuuli (hovercraft), Pikkala (utility), Valas/Vahakari/Mursu (Valas-class transport).