Mar 5, 2012

Future of the Royal Moroccan Navy

In full expansion...

Of the entire Moroccan land aera, only 0,056% (250 km²) were of water (Rivers/Lakes). Coastlines: 1835 km; A EEZ of 272,059 km2 (without Western Sahara...).

Personnal Strenght: 7800 (Included 1500 Marines)

Naval Bases:
Casablanca; Agadir; Al-Hoceima; Dakhla; Tangier; Ksar Sghir.

1 Frigates:
1 Mohammed VI
(Mohammed VI). 6000 tons, 142+ meters (French Aquitaine/FREMM frigate design). To be commissioned by 2013.

+/- 5 Light Frigate/Corvettes:
1 Tarik Ben Ziyad
(Tarik Ben Ziyad). 2300+ tons, 105+ meters (Ducth Sigma 10513 corvette design). Commissioned by 2011.

2 Sultan Moulay Ismail
(Sultan Moulay Ismail, Allal Ben Abdellah). 2000+ tons, 97+ meters (Dutch Sigma 9813 corvette design). Commissioned by 2012.

2 Mohammed V
(Mohammed V, Hassan II). 2600/2900 tons, 93+ meters (French Floréal corvette/OPV design). Commissioned by 2002/2003.

1 Lieutenant Colonel Errahmani
(Lieutenant Colonel Errahmani). 1200/1400+ tons, 88+ meters (Spanish 1970's Descubierta light frigate design). Commissioned by 1982, to be retired very soon & replaced by the "Mohammed VI/FREMM" large frigate.

Off-Shore Patrol Vessels
Up to ? Bir Anzaran
(Bir Anzaran...). 800 tons, 70 meters (French OPV 70 design). Commissioned by 2011.

5 Rais Bargach
(Rais Bargach, Rais Britel, Rais Charkaoui, Rais Maaninou, Rais Al Mounastiri). 580 tons, 64 meters (French OPV 64 PB design). Commissioned by 1995.

4 El Lahiq
(El Lahiq, El Tawfiq, El Hamiss, El Karib). 420/500 tons, 55 meters (Osprey 55 PB design). Commissioned by 1987/1988.

6 Lieutenant de vaisseau Rabhi
(Lieutenant de vaisseau Rabhi, Errachiq, El Akid, El Maher, El Majid, El Bachir). 300/400 tons, 58 meters (Vigilance PB design). Commissioned by 1988

4 El Khattabi/Lazaga
(El Khattabi, Cdt Boutouba, Cdt El Harty, Cdt Azouggarh). 300/425 tons, 58 meters. Commissioned by 1981.

2 Okba
(Okba, Triki). 370/440 tons, 57 meters (French PR-72 PB design). Commissioned by 1976.

Mid Shore Patrol Vessels
6 P-32
(El Wacil, El Jail, El Mikdam, El Khafir, El Haris, El Essahir). 74/90 tons, 32+ meters (French P-32 PB design). Commissioned by 1975.

4 Improved P-32 (used by the Moroccan Customs/Coast Guard)
(Erraid, Erraced, El Kaced, Essaid). 74/90 tons, 32+ meters (French P-32 PB design). Commissioned by late 1980's.

1 El Boughaz I (Royal Yacht)
(El Boughaz). 53+ meters (1930's US built).

3 Medium Amphibious Ships
3 Daoud Ben Aicha
(Daoud Ben Aicha, Ahmed Es Sakali, Abou Abdallah El Ayachi). 770/1400+ tons, 60 meters (French Batral LST). Commissioned by 1977

Small/Medium Amphibious Ships
(French EDIC type

Various Auxiliary Ships
1 Ad Dakhla (Cargo ship)
(Ad Dakhla). 1100/2100 tons, 69 meters. Commissioned by 1997

1 Abou Barakat Albarbari (Oceanographic/Survey ship)
(Abou Barakat Albarbari). 1200+ tons, 64 meters (late 1960's US Robert D. Conrad class ship). Transferred by 1993.

2 Sailing Training Ship
(Boujdour, Al Massira). Uncertain data ?

Small Harbor Crafts
1 YDT 803 (harbor craft)
(YDT 803).

Some YTM (navigationnal crafts)

Fast Small Crafts/RHIB/In Shore Patrol Boats (used by the Moroccan Navy/Gendarmerie/Customs/Coast Guard Service)
10 Arcor 17
Uncertain data ?

18 Arcor 46
Uncertain data ?

15 Arcor 53
Uncertain data ?

10 Rodman 55
Uncertain data ?

10 Rodman 101
Uncertain data ?

10 Raidco Marine RPB 20
Uncertain data ?

2 Griffon 500TD (Overcrafts)
Uncertain data ?

2 Small Brigades

GENDARMERIE ROYALE MAROCAINE (20 000, included both Land, Air, Sea troops)
Up to 18 Patrol Crafts
Some helicopters, able for SAR use (SA-360 Dauphin; 6 SA-330 Puma...)

Up to ? 33 ? patrol Crafts (included above ?)
Up to 7 SAR small Crafts

- 3 or 4 AS-565SA Eurocopter (Utility).

As usual, It may be that in my opinion, I forgot programs ? (or made some mistakes ?, especially for the auxiliary & smaller ships/crafts), then said it ! Feel free to comment and give your opinion !


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