Oct 7, 2011

Future of the Philipine Navy

A myriad of small crafts, to protect a myriad of islands...


Of the entire Philipinos land aera, only 0,61% were of water (Rivers/Lakes). 7,107 islands; 36,289 kilometers (22,549 miles) of coastline makes it the country with the 5th longest coastline in the world.

Personnal Strenght 24 000 (+ 15 000 reserve)

Up to 3 Gregorio del Pilar

(Gregorio Del Pilar, other not yet named...). 3200 tons, 115 meters (ex US 1960's Hamilton cutters). Transferred by 2011-2013+, likely to remain in service until 2030's.

1 Datu Kalantiaw
(Rajah Humabon). 1300/1600 tons, 93 meters (ex US 1940's escort destroyer). Transferred by 1976. No longer ops.

Up to 11 Corvettes
3 Jacinto
(Emilio Jacinto, Apolinario Mabini, Artemio Ricarte). 700+ tons, 62+ meters (ex British 1980's corvettes). Transferred by 1997.

2 Rizal
(Quezon, Rizal). 1000+ tons, 67+ meters (ex US 1940's Auk MCM's). Transferred by 1965/1967.

6 Miguel Malvar
(Miguel Malvar, Magat Salamat, Sultan Kudarat, Cebu, Pangasinan, Iloilo). 600/900 tons, 56+ meters (ex US 1940's Admirable MCM's). Transferred by 1948/1975.

+/- 3 Off Shore Patrol Vessels
1 Mariano Alvarez
(Mariano Alvarez). 330 tons, 52 meters (ex US 1990's Cyclone PB's). Transferred by 2004.

2 Generale Emilio Aguinaldo
(Generale Emilio Aguinaldo, Generale Antonio Luna). 210/280 tons, 44 meters. Commissioned by 1990/1999.

Mid Shore Patrol Vessels
2 Kagitingan
(Bagong Lakas, Bagong Silang). Uncertain data ?

8 Tomas Batillo
(Tomas Batillo, Boni Serrano, Bienvenido Salting, Salvador Abcedel, Ramon Aguirre, Nicolas Mahusayl, Dionisio Ojedal, Emilio Liwanagl). 170 tons, 37 meters (South Korean Chamsuri design), transferred by 1995/2006.

3 Conrado Yap
(Leopoldo Regis, Apollo Tiano, Sulpicio Fernandez). Uncertain data ?

Inshore Patrol Crafts
22 Jose Andrada
(Jose Andrada, Enrique Jurado, Alfredo Peckson, Simeon Castro, Carlos Albert, Heracleo Alano, Liberto Picar, Hilario Ruiz, Rafael Pargas, Estor Reinoso, Dioscoro Papa, Ismael Lomibao, Leoviglido Gantioqui, Federico Martir, Filipino Flojo, Anastacio Cacayorin, Manuel Gomez, Teotimo Figoracion, Jose Loor Sr, Juan Magluyan, Florencio Inigo, Felix Apolinario). 56+ tons, 24 meters. Commissioned by 1990+...

2 Alberto Navarette
(Alberto Navarette, Abraham Campo).
Uncertain data ?

29 Swift PB 3
Uncertain data ?

Some RHIB, likely some others small crafts ?

+/- 7 Medium Amphibious Ships
Up to 5 US LST
4800 tons, 116 meters (ex US 1940's LST). Current status unclear, maybe no longer ops ?

2 Bacolod City
(Bacolod City, Dagupan City). 4200 tons, 83 meters. Commissioned by 1993/1994.

Small Amphibious Crafts
1 LCT Mk6

Up to 3 LCU
Uncertain data ?

Up to 6 LCVP
Uncertain data ?

Up to 30 LCM

Uncertain data ?

Auxiliaries Ships
Uncertain data ?

Armored Transport Vehicles (wheeled): 24 LAV-300
Amphibious Armored Transport Vehicles: 30 LVTP-5; 55 LVTP-7
Artillery (towed): 150 M-101 (105mm)
Mortars: Some M-30 (107mm).


Patrol Boats
14 Rodman
Uncertain data ?

- 2BN-2 Islander (transport)
- 3 Lancair 320 (training)


Offshore Patrol Vessels ?
4 San Juan
Uncertain data ?

1 Balsan
Uncertain data ?

Midshore Patrol Crafts ?
4 Ilocosnorte
Uncertain data ?

2 Tirad
Uncertain data ?

Inshore Patrol Crafts
4 Agusan;
Uncertain data ?

3 De Havilland
Uncertain data ?

12 Swift
Uncertain data ?

Up to 2 others dozens of small crafts ???

- Up to 3 SAR

- 8 BN-2A Islander (may be only 4 ops ?)

- 2 Bo-105 (maybe 3 others unserviceable ?)
- 2 Cessna T-41D 1 Robinson R-22 (uncertain ?)

As usual, It may be that in my "fleet review", I forgot programs ? (or made few mistakes ?, especially for the auxiliary and smaller ships), then SAID IT ! Feel free to comment and give your opinion


  1. I hear their is talk within the Philippine Navy that they want to acquire submarines. Maybe a second hand Type 209 or even a Russian Kilo, Amur or Lada class SSK.

  2. Rajah Humabon is still very much operational and running patrols.


  3. Negotiations are underway for the transfer of two frigates of the italian Navy Maestrale class among them the head of the class F 570 Maestrale.