Sep 9, 2011

Future of the R.O.C Navy

Desperately trying to modernize, facing the Chinese giant

Coastline of 1,566.3 km (973.3 mi); 3,720 km2 (1,436 sq mi) is territorial water claims.

Personnal Strenght: 45 000 (+67 000 reserve).

4 Destroyers

4 Kee Kung
(Kee Lung, Su Ao, Tso Ying, Ma Kong). 7200/8000 tons, 172 meters (late 1970's US AAW destroyer). Transferred by 2005/2006, likely to remain in service until late 2020's.

22 Frigates
8 Chi Yang
(Chi Yang, Fong Yang, Fen Yang, Lan Yang, Hae Yang, Hwai Yang, Ning Yang, Yi Yang). 3800/4200 tons, 134 meters (Ex US 1960's Knox FFG). Transferred by late 1990's, now ageing ships but likely to remain in service until at least late 2010's.

8 Cheng Kung
(Cheng Kung, Cheng Ho, Chi Kuang, Yueh Fei, Tzi I, Pan Chao, Chang Chien, Tian Dan). 4100 tons, 138 meters (US O.H Perry FFG design). Commissioned by 1993/2004, likely to remain in service until late 2020's.

6 Kang Ding
(Kang Ding, Si Ning, Wu Chang, Di Hua, Kun Ming, Chen De). 3200 tons, 125 meters (derived from the French 1990's Lafayette FFG design). Commissioned by late 1990's, likely to remain in service until late 2020's.

12 Corvettes
12 Jing Chiang
(Jing Chiang, Dang Chiang, Sing Chiang, Feng Chiang, Tzeng Chiang, Kao Chiang, Jin Chiang, Hsiang Chiang, Tze Chiang, Po Chiang, Chang Chiang, Chu Chiang)

Fast Attack Missiles Crafts
+/- 47 Hai Ou
45 tons, 21+ meters (derived from the Israeli Dvora craft). Commissioned trought 1980's/1990's.

Up to 30 Kung Hua VI
170 tons, 34+ meters. Commissioned since 2003.

4 Submarines
2 Hai Lung
(Hai Lung, Hai Hu). 2300/2600 tons, 66+ meters (Dutch improved Zwaardvis SSK design). Commissioned by 1987/1988.

2 Hai Shih
(Hai Shih, Hai Bao). 1500/2400 tons, 95 meters (Ex 1940's US Tench SSK).

Off shore patrol Crafts
(PCL 1-9), 140 tons

+/- 10 Minesweespers
4 Yung Yang
(Yung Yang, Yung Tzu, Yung Ku, Yung The). 850 tons, 52 meters (US 1950's Agressive MCM design).Transferred by 1994.

4 Yung Feng
(ex German MMW50 coastal MCM). uncertain data ?

2 (3?) Osprey
880+ tons, 57 meters (Ex 1990's US Osprey MCM).

+/- 3 Large Amphibious Ships
1 Hsu Hai
(Hsu Hai). 14 000 tons, 169 meters (ex US 1960's Anchorage LSD). Transferred by 2000.

2 Chung Ho
(Chung Ho, Chung Ping). 4700/8500 tons, 159 meters (ex US 1960's Newport LST). Transferred by 2000.

Medium & Small Amphibious Ships
7 Chung Hai
(Ex US 1940's LST). Current status unclear.

4 Mei Chin
(Ex US 1940's LSM). Current status unclear.

Up to 20 LCU.
Up to 100 LCVP.
Up to 170 LCM.
3 Tugs/Salvage Tugs
1 Ta De
(Da Juan). 1900+ tons, 65+ meters (ex US 1940's fleet tug). Transferred by 1994.

1 Tai Hu
(Tai Hu). 1600 tons, 65 meters (ex US 1940's Fleet Tug). Transferred by 1977.

1 Ta Tung
(Ta Tung). 1200 tons, 62 meters (ex US 1940's Fleet Tug). Transferred by 1976.

Auxiliary Ships
1 Yuen Feng (Transport)
(Yuen Feng)

1 Wu Yi (oiler)
(Wu Yi)

1 Ta Kuan (Oceanographic Research ship)
(Ta Kuan)

2 Chung Bai
(coastal transport)
Uncertai data ?

2 Wu Kang (coastal transport)
Uncertain data ?

1 Wan An (Coastal Transport)
Uncertain data ?

R.O.C COAST GUARD (17 000)
Various Patrol Boats
2 Ho-Hsing
(Uncertain data ?)

2 Taipei
(Uncertain data ?)

2 Mou Hsing
(Uncertain data ?)

1 Yun Hsing
(Uncertain data ?)

3 Dao Hsing
(Uncertain data ?)

4 Shun Hu
(Uncertain data ?)

2 Kinmen
(Uncertain data ?)

1 Shun Hsing
(Uncertain data ?)

4 Hai Cheng
(Uncertain data ?)

4 Hai Ying
(Uncertain data ?)

12 Various crafts
(Uncertain data ?)

R.O.C MARINES (15 000 troops).
Amphibious Armored Transport Vehicles: 54 AAV-7A1; 150 LVTP-5A1.
Artillery (towed): Some 105mm and 155mm.
Anti-Tank Recoiless Gun: Some 106mm

- Up to 32 S-2 Tracker (ASW): with 24 S-2E Tracker and 8 S-2G Tracker (maybe a total of 24 only Ops ???).
- 12 P-3C Orion (ASW/Maritime Patrol).

- 19 or 20 S-70C Seahawk (ASW).
- 9 Hughes 500MD (ASW), now maybe unserviceable ?

As usual, It may be that in my "fleet review", I forgot programs ? (or made few mistakes ?, especially for the auxiliary and smaller ships), then SAID IT ! Feel free to comment and give your opinion


  1. As for the ROC, they need to start looking for a Used type 209 Submarine to buy and start building their own submarine program based off the type 209 design.The option may piss off the Chinese, and buy from Russia a Kilo or Amur class SSK.

    As for their destroyers, they need to start building their own Burke like destroyer based on the Kidd class and make their own versions.

    as for their frigates, they need to make their own versions of the Perry and possible modernize their own.

  2. As silly as it sounds, one option might be midget submarines. As I understand it, Taiwan does'nt have the infrastructure to accomodate modern SSK's. But a dozen or more very small, but sophisticated, submarines built locally with Russian (or other) aid would provide a defense against invasion without threatening China's ports, which SSK's would indeed do.

  3. Maybe Taiwan can look at buying some Russian Made Kilo Class SSK, Lada class SSK and Amur Class SSK. The idea would be that it would be built locally in Taiwan with Russian aid and technical assistance. That way Taiwan can build SSK's with Russian Help. On top of that it would get around China and help Taiwan start it's own submarine building program

  4. Taiwan in my mind has neglected their military for too long, Taiwan should spend a lot more of R&D, Taiwan could now be more like South Korea if they had spent more on R&D.