Sep 3, 2011

"Combat Fleets Of The World" will take a different way...

Hi Loyal Readers ;)

"Combat Fleets Of The World" will take a different way...

After two intensive years for this Blog, its path will change

(Fortunately for me) New Job Activities will prevent me from updating this blog on a "Daily basis" (or maybe worse, on a "Weekly basis"...).

"Warships Daily News" will therefore disappear

In the short term (following weeks, following months)

I hope (?) to finish some Asian Fleets "Review" (Thailand, Philippine, Vietnam, Taiwan) and perhaps (?) some remaining European Fleets (Romania, Poland, Bulgaria).

Updates of "Warships Daily News" will be rare, sporadic and incomplete...

In the medium term (6+ months)
I will try to finish the missing reviews of some largest navies (India, Japan, China, Russia, US Navy Amphibious Fleet, US Navy Auxiliary Fleet...).
Updates of "Warships Daily News" will be rare, sporadic and incomplete...

In the Long-term (1+ year)

Hopefully, I want to progressively fully update all "Fleets Reviews".

I plan to deeply change this blog (from a "News" blog toward a "Navies/Fleets - Strenght/Size" blog). usual...Wait & See :)

Now, It will be almost impossible for me to update on a "Daily basis" (or even worse, on a "weekly basis" ?) this blog.

So, despite the "slowdown Daily/Weekly updates" of this blog, stay tuned and watch my blog !!!

Best regards
Mike Colombaro


  1. I have always read your blog with much joy over the last two years! It's a shame that I will not be able to enjoy your excellent findings in the world of navies, but I really hope that your new job wil bring some more fun and opertunities in your life!

    All the best, and I will stil be watching your blog on a daily basis.

    Your faithfull follower,


  2. Mike I have a blog like your's and undestand that there is a lot of work invested in your site. Thanks for everything. In you need infrmation about colombian navy please let me know.


    Mario A. Pongutá M.

  3. I love this page.anything I do to help?

  4. Thanks for all your hard work Mike.Lets face it,you couldn't keep posting at the rate you were.

  5. Really will miss this blog. Especially the reviews of fleet country wise.

  6. Mike I think you're doing the right thing. There are plenty of websites that report the daily news and goings on of navies.
    There are few which analize those events. I would point to Think Defence and Beedals Navy Matters.
    So I look forward to your work, but PLEASE keep the excellent indexing system on the right. I use it often to find articles.

  7. Congratulation for your new job. Thanks for your excellent work. Bonne continuation :-))

  8. Bon vent côté boulot :-)
    and thank you for this 2 years old accurate blog.

  9. I really love your blog and your fleet reviews, but I understand the amount of work associated. I look forward to any future reviews, and of course I'll help keep them updated. Good luck on your new job Mike!

  10. So long Mike,

    It was a constant pleasure to read you.
    See (and read) you soon,