May 20, 2011

Future of the Turkish Navy

Toward 100% Turkish ?


Of the entire Turkish land aera, 1,3 to 2 % were of water (9,820 km2 (3,792 sq mi));

7,200 km (4,474 mi)

Personnal Strenght 48 000+ (2200 coast Guards included)
14 000 sailors; 34 000+ conscript (+ 50 000 reserve)

Up to 6 AAW Destroyers
Up to 6 ? TF-2000
6000 tons AAW destroyer. Indigenously design derived/enlarged from the TF-100 design. 4 planned (2 others in option, but maybe unlikely due to financial constraint ?, a program of 3 $ billion). Expected to be commissioned round 2018/2022, with probable +/- 30 year of life, to remain in service until 2050.

+/- 16 Destroyers/Frigates (toward fewer but bigger and indigenously ships…)
Up to 4 TF-100
Around 2500/3000 tons, Improved/enlarged Milgem corvette, with additional VLS missiles, maybe expected around 2016-2020.

4 Barbaros (Meko 200)
(Barbaros, Orucreis, Salihreis, Kemalreis). 3200 tons, 116 meters. Commissioned by 1995/2000, with probably +/- 30 year of life expected, to be retired around 2025/2030 and replaced by

4 Yavuz (Meko 200)
(Yavuz, Turgutreis, Fatih, Yildirim). 3000 tons, 110 meters. Commissioned by 1987/1989, with probable +/- 30 year of service expected, to be retired by 2017/2019 and directly ? replaced by the four TF-100 ships ?

8 “G” (US O.H.Perry)
(Gaziantep, Giresun, Gemlik, Gelibolu, Gokceada, Gediz, Gokova, Goksu). 4000 tons, 135 meters, Ex-US Frigates (built during 1980’s). Transferred by 1997/2003, upgraded (GENESIS program) by 2007/2001. Likely to remain in service until early 2020’s.

Considering that during this 2010’s decade the U.S. Navy will remove from service more than 25+ O.H. Perry frigates, it is possible ? that the Turkish navy receives additional Perry's FFG.
But now this is unlikely because:
- Turkey wishes to develop its naval shipbuilding industry and build its own warships.
- The Turkish now see Perry’s as old/ageing ships.

+/- 8 Corvette (toward a full renewal)
Up to 8 Ada
(Heybeliada, Buyukada, Burgazada, Kinaliada, Uzunada, others not yet named). 2000 tons, 99 meters.

6 “B”
(Bozcaada, Bodrum, Bandirma, Beykoz, Bartin, Bafra). 1300 tons, 80 meters (Ex-French coastal Avisos A-69). French commissioned by 1976/1979, transferred by 2000/2002 (designed for coastal ASW, very economical and seaworthy design). All must be removed from service during this decade (2010’s) and replaced by 8 Milgem

+/- 14 Submarines
Up to 6 Type 214
(2,9 $ billion (or 2,19 € billion) for 6 newer SSK. Likely to be commissioned by 2015/2019.

4 Gur (Type 209T2/1400)
(Gur, Canakkale, Burakreis, Birinci Inonu). 1500+ tons, 61 meters. Commissioned by 2003/2007, to remain in service until early 2030’s.

4 Preveze (Type 209T1/1400)
(Preveze, Sakarya, 18 Mart, Anafartalar). 1500+ tons, 61 meters. Commissioned by 1994/1999, to remain en service until late 2020’s.

6 Atilay (Type 209/1200)
(Atilay, Saldiray, Batiray, Yildiray, Doganay, Dolunay). 1200 tons, 55+ meters. Commissioned by 1976/1989. Mid-life refit (with AIP) cancelled. The four early Atilay’s SSK will be replaced by future Type 214 SSK by 2015 +. Th last 2 SSK of these class (Doganay, Dolunay) will receive a upgrading systems (new periscopes, ESM, Inertial Navigation Systems) and was expected to last until early 2020’s.

+/- 27 Fast Attack Missile Crafts
Up to 4 newer FAC ?
With the development of the Turkish Shipbuilding Industry (and the age of some FAC), a new generation of Turkish indigenously FAC is likely currently on study, for entry into service by late 2010's. Wait & See

6 Kilic II
(Tufan, Melten, Imbat, Zipkin, Atak, Bora). 550 tons, 62 meters, improved from Kilic I FAC. Commissioned by 2005/2010, to be retired by 2035+.

3 Kilic I
(Kilic, Kalkan, Mizrak). 550 tons, 62 meters (Designed by German shipyard, much enlarged/improved design from Yildiz FAC design). Commissioned by 1998/2000, to be retired around 2030.

2 Yildiz
(Yildiz, Karayel). 430+ tons, 57+ meters (FAC designed by German shipyard, nearly similar to Ruzgar/Dogan FAC class, but with improved sensors/radars). Commissioned by 1997, to be retired by late 2020’s.

4 Ruzgar
(Ruzgar, Poyraz, Girbet, Firtina). 410 tons, 57+ tons (FAC designed by German Shipyard). Commissioned by 1986/1988, progressively ageing FAC, likely to be retired by late 2010’s.

4 Dogan
(Dogan, Marti, Tayfun, Volkan). 430 tons, 58 meters (FAC designed by German Shipyard). Commissioned by 1977/1981. Now ageing FAC crafts, likely to be retired through 2010’s.

8 Kartal
(Denizkusu, Atmaca, Sahin, Kartal, Pelikan, Albatros, Simsek, Kasirga). 200+ tons, 42 meters (FAC derived from the German Zobel FAC design). Commissioned by 1977/1988, ageing/obsolete FAC (can be fitted for minelaying), likely to be retired soon and replaced by some Tuzla ASW crafts ?.

Up to 16 ? Tuzla
(Tuzla, Karaburun, Köyceğiz, Kumkale, Tarsus, Karabiga, Karşıyaka, Tekirdağ, Kaş, Kilimli, Türkeli, others not yet nammed). 400 tons, 55 meters. Indigenous (69%) Turkish ASW coastal/patrol craft. Commissioned by 2011+…

7 Patrol Boats
7 Turk class
(AB-27, 28, 29, 31, 33, 35, 36). 170 tons, 40 meters. Locally built. 12 very similar craft are operated by the Turkish Coast Guard.

+/- 20 Mine-Hunters
6 Aydin
(Alanya, Amasra, Ayvalik, Akcakoca, Anamur, Akcay). 650+ tons, 54+ meters (copy from the German Frankenthal MCM design). Commissioned by 2005/2008, likely to remain in service until late 2030’s.

5 Edincik
(Edincik, Edremit, Enez, Erdek, Erdemli). 500 tons, 50 meters (former French MCM of the Circé class, built by early 1970’s). Transferred by 1998, likely to remain in service until late 2010’s.

4 F class
(Foca, Fethiye, Fatsa, Finike). 235 tons, 34 meters (US Coastal MCM design). Acquired by 1967, likely to be retired during 2010's.

5 S class
(Samsun, Surmene, Silifke, Saros, Sigacik, Sapanca, Sariyer). 370 tons, 43 meters (Ex-US coastal MCM). Transferred during 1960’s-1970’s. Now obsolete MCM, likely to be retired through 2010’s.

3 K Class
(Karamursel, Kerempe, Kilimli). 370 tons, 47 meters (Ex-German coastal MCM). Transferred during 1970’s.

+/- 6 Large/Medium Amphibious
Up to 1 LPD
Approved by late 2006, First major step towards distant deployments.

Up to 2 newer LST
Approved by late 2006, contract signed by may 2011, to be delivered by 2015.

1 Osman Gazi
(Osman Gazi). 3700 tons, 105 meters LST design (can be fitted for minelaying). Commissioned by 1994, to remain in service at least until mid 2020’s.

2 Sarucabey
(Sarucabey, Karamurselbey). 2600 tons, 92 meters LST (can be fitted for minelaying). Commissioned by 1984/1987.

2 Ertugrul
(Ertugrul, Serdar). 5800 tons, 117 meters (Ex-US LST of County class, built during 1950’s). Transferred by 1973/1975, likely to be retired during 2010's and replaced by 2 newer LST currently planned.

+/- 3 dozens of Small Amphibious
Up to 12 newer LCT
Approved by late 2006.

25 C-117 class (LCT)
(C-120, 123, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 132, 133, 134, 135, 137, 138, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150). 600 tons, 57 meters. All built locally.

16 C-302 class (LCM)
(C-305, 308, 312, 313, 314, 316, 319, 321, 322, 323, 324, 325, 326, 327, 329, 330, 331). 113 tons, 22+ meters LCM design.

up to 3 Replenishment Ships
1 newer Fleet Tanker
Transports Training Ships

2 Akar
(Akar, Yarbay Kudret Gungor). Up to 19 000 tons, 145 meters. Commissioned by 1987/1997.

Logistic/Transports Ships
2 Meseha (transport)
(Meseha-1, Meseha-2). 38 tons, 16 meters. Commissioned by 1994

2 Albay (oil/water transport)
(Albay Hakki Burak, Yubasi Ihsan Tulunay). 3200 tons, 81 meters. Commissioned by 1999/2000

1 Iskenderun
(Iskenderun). 10 000+ tons, 127 meters. Commissioned by 2002.

+/- 10 Training Ships
2 Rheim
(Sokullu Mehmet Pasa, Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Pasa). 2900 tons, 98 meters (Ex-German logistic ships built during 1960’s, can be fitted for minelaying). Transferred by 1993/1995.

8 Small training crafts
(E-1/8). 97 tons, 28+ meters. Commissioned by 2000.

2 Submarine Rescue Ships
Up to 1 newer Submarine Rescue Ship
Approved, design now completed, Submarine Rescue Mother Ship (MOSHIP)

1 Kurtaran
(Kurtaran). 1700+ tons, 62 meters (converted tug). Commissioned by 1950, likely to be replaced by a newer ship (MOSHIP) during 2010's.

1 Akin
(Akin). 2300 tons, 76 meters. Commissioned by 1970.

Others Auxiliary Ships
1 Isin (salvage ships)
(Isin). 1900+ tons, 65 meters (ex-US salvage ships built during 1940/1950’s). Leased by 1979, transferred by 1987

1 Darica (torpedoes recovery/Firefighting vessel)
(Darica). 750 tons, 41 meters. Commissioned by 1991

+/- 2 Fleet Tugs
Up to 2 newer Rescue/Towing Ships
Approved, design currently under study.

1 Tenace
(Degirmendere). 1500+ tons, 51 meters (ex-French ocean Tug built during 1970’s). Transferred by 1999.

1 Cherokee
(Gazal). 1600+ tons, 62 meters (ex-US ocean tug/submarine salvage ship). Near sister-ship of Kurtaran. Transferred by 1973

3 Survey Ships
2 Cesme class
(Cesme, Candarli). 2500 tons, 87 meters (Ex-US ships built during 1960’s). Transferred by 1999/2001.

1 Cubuklu
(Cubuklu). 640 tons, 40 meters. Commissioned by 1986.

4 Off-Shore Patrol Vessels
4 Dost
(Dost, Umut, Yasam, Guven). 1700 tons, 88+ meters (derived from the Italian Sirio OPV design, 480 $ millions (380 € million) for 4 ships). Commissioned by 2011/2012.

+/- 64 Mid Shore Patrol Boats
10 SAR 33
(SG-61/70). 180 tons, 34+ meters. Prototype built by Abeking & Rasmussen, rest in Turkey.

4 SAR 35
(SG-71/74). 210 tons, 36+ meters. Enlarged design from SAR 33, built in Turkey.

9 KAAN 29
(SG-101/109). 95 tons, 29 meters. Indigenous Turkey design, first craft commissioned by 2000.

13 KAAN 33
(SG-301/313). 120 tons, 35+ meters (enlarged design from KAAN 29). Indigenous Turkey design. First 4 crafts delivered by 2005/2006, others follow. Few others maybe planned ?

14 SG-80
(SG-80/93). 195 tons, 40+ meters. Indigenous Turkey design, delivered by late 1990’s/early 2000’s.

14 SG-21
(SG-21/34). 180 tons, 40+ meters. Very similar to the Turk class patrol craft operated by the Navy. All built in Turkey.

+/- 41 In Shore Patrol Boats
18 KAAN 15
(SG-1/18). 19 tons, 15+ meters. Indigenous Turkey design, first commissioned by 1998.

3 KAAN 20
(SG-19/21). 21 tons, 22+ meters. Indigenous Turkey design , First craft commissioned by 2006.

12 SG-50
(SG-50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 102, 103). 29 tons, 14+ meters. All built in Turkey.

8 KW 15
(SG-12/19). 70 tons, 28+ meters (ex-German Inshore Patrol Vessels).

Turkish Marines +/- 3000 troops

Naval Aviation

- Up to 10 ATR-72-500 (ASW).
- 6 CN-235/100M (delivered by 2002) + 3 others (for Turkish Coast Guard, by 2002/2003), (Maritime Patrol Aircrafts).
- 7 TB-20 Trinidad (for training, delivered by 1995).

- 14 S-70B2 Seahawk (First seven delivered by 2002/2003, last seven delivered by 2011). A last groupe of 11 was expected to be delivered soon (for a grand total of 25 helico).
- 14 AB-212 (progressively delivered by 1977/2005, ASW).
- 13 AB-412 EP (delivered by 2002/2009).

The Turkish Navy is taking the "same path" as the South-Koreen, Brazilian, Spanish or Indian navies. She tries to develop its own naval industry. If the Hellenic navy remains his main rival, the Turkish Navy begin to look some long overseas deployments (anti-piracy, ect...)

Next fleet review/editorial: Future of the Hellenic Navy.

As usual, It may be that in my opinion, I forgot programs ? (or made few mistakes ?, especially for the auxiliary and smaller ships), then SAID IT ! Feel free to comment and give your opinion !


  1. First I thought where are all the minelayers? The Turkish navy has always had a large number of dedicated minelayers, but there doesn't seem to be any now. Then I found that there are still some dual purpose ships, like the Kartal class FAC, the Osman Gazi LST, the Sarucabey class LST and the two ex- German Rhein class training ships which are all still fitted for minelaying as well.

  2. Thanks P.N for these details, updated
    Thanks ;)

  3. The names of the MILGEM corvettes are expected to be

    (F511) HEYBELIADA (FFLG) <= This is official
    (F512) BUYUKADA (FFLG)
    (F515) UZUNADA (FFLG)

    Above info is from CALL SIGN BOOK FOR SHIPS NOVEMBER 2007 ACP 113(AG)

    Ada means Island, and this class is expected to be called Ada Class. The rest will probably named with other Turkish islands.

    There is also a new class of 16 patrol ships (New Type Patrol Boat, or Yeni Tip Karakol Botu in Turkish).

    P1200 Tuzla: Accepted
    P1201 Karaburun: Temporary Acceptance
    P1202 Köyceğiz: Harbour acceptance tests going on (July deliver)
    P1203 Kumkale: Being prepared to HAT
    P1204 Tarsus: Being prepared to Launc
    P1205 Karabiga: Under Construction
    P1206 Karşıyaka: Under Construction
    P1207 Tekirdağ: Under Construction
    P1208 Kaş: Under Construction
    P1209 Kilimli: Costruction will start this year
    P1210 Türkeli: Construction will start this year

    The names come from the ports they will protect.

    Source for above is Savunma ve Strategy Forumu

  4. Many Thanks "Anonymous" for these details

  5. Hi Mike,

    First of all thank you for such a comprehensive report on Turkish Navy.

    I believe you should mentioned that the old Perry class frigates are still carry the most of the workload of Turkish Navy. And 4 of them are going to receive a 8 celled Mk41 VLS system and a 3D radar Smart S Mk2. This modernisation similar the one done by Royal Australian Navy will give the Turkish Perry's a bigger punch. Turkey will not receive any further Perry's from US Navy as the remaining once do not have the Mk13 launcher in working condition. Therefore they are useless for Turkish Navy.

    Further more all Barbaros class frigates are going to receive the Smart S Mk2 radar too. And the Mk29 Sea Sparrow launcher on the first two ships will be replaced by a 16 cell Mk41 VLS.

    The existing LST's of Turkish Navy do have a permanent mine laying capacity. And the future ones will have that too.

  6. Thanks "Saturn 5" for these details ;)