Dec 1, 2010

Warships Damage

This page is YOUR "Warships Damage" page. You can “contribute” to my blog by adding Warships (1950-present) damage data (Warships name/class, date, number & kind of hits substained, damage levels). These figures allow us to see the current (& future ?) capability for a +/- modern warships design to withstand multiple hits…Don’t hesitate to help me by put your information ! (I valid comments whenever I can, usually every one or two days)

Obviously only Warships Damage Data..., page to be progressively updated with your link/data...


  1. Some evidence of how hard it is to sink a ship:

    RIMPAC 2000
    One portion of the exercise included a missile firing exercise during which four decommissioned ships were sunk at the Pacific Missile Range Facility off the island of Kauai. The "Sink-Ex" operation involved firing of more than 100 missiles at the four target ships. The ships were last seen sinking to a depth of 14,000 feet. Conducted at the Pacific Missile Range Facility, north of the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, the sinking exercise (SINKEX) focused on honing weapons firing skills and proficiency. The ex-USS Worden (CG-18), ex-USS Gen. Hugh J. Gaffey (AP-121), ex-USS Buchanan (DDG-14) and ex-USS Ramsey (FFG-2) were sunk between June 14 and June 18. Missile firing and torpedo firing exercises to sink ex-USS Buchanan started June 13. Three Hellfire hits, three harpoon hits and a 2,400 pound laser-guided bomb hit were not enough to sink the ship, which required an additional 200 pounds of explosive charges the morning of June 14 before sinking. Missile and aircraft firing exercises involving nine ships and three different types of aircraft to sink ex-USS Ramsey and ex-USS Gen. Hugh J. Gaffey started June 15. Ex-Ramsey was the first to sink at 1:45 p.m. June 15 after taking surface and airborne harpoons. Ex-Gaffey sunk between 2 and 3 a.m. June 16, nine hours after taking a total of 13 bombs. Ironically, the ship's namesake, Major General Gaffey was killed in a B-25 crash the same day in 1946. The exercise against the ex-Worden started June 17. Worden sustained a continuous attack from two ships and from F-14 Tomcat and F-18 Hornet fighters, finally sinking at 6:01 p.m. June 18, 34 hours after the exercises started.

  2. About the USS Princeton CG-59 mine blast you mentioned 2 people were seriously injured. I beg to differ: One person (BM3 Ford) was seriously injured. GMG2 Padilla suffered a bruised ass getting thrown from his chair in the aft gun mount, but still managed to convince people to helo him off to the med ship. Every time we turned around he was mentioning his "Purple heart". We told him to wear it upside down to better indicate what got hurt.

  3. I did a separate piece of this here: