Nov 30, 2010

Warships Purchases

This page is YOUR warships "Procurement/Deal" page. You can “contribute” to my blog by adding (ie="add comments") News (Warships Deal/Expected Procurement). Don’t hesitate to help me by put your information ! (I valid comments whenever I can, usually every one or two days).

PS: If your news are identical (same subjects) than those treated in some of my “fleet-review”, please, put your news in these “fleets reviews” (“add comments”, these will help me to update subsequently my edito’s).

Obviously only Current Warships Deal/Purchase related to Warships/Military Activities. No politics please unless it relates to the latter. Spammers will be blocked

See the following exemple please:


  1. Link did not work properly.

  2. USCG orders forth National Security Cutter

    Price $480M

  3. Hmmm,
    Chuck, you are sure that the link from the "Warships purchase page" did not work properly ?

    I attempt serevals times and always this link work good...


    Thx for the link for the cutter $ ;)

  4. Chuck,

    The link works for me. And I'm even running three blocking plug-ins on Mozilla Firefox.