Nov 30, 2010


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See the two exemple please:

"South Korea Rejects China Call for Talks as Naval Drills Begin":

"S Korea bids for Brazilian warships project":


  1. USCG Offshore Patrol Cutter Procurement Update:

  2. Yep, thanks Giovanni ;)

    In fact, for the chinese program:
    - late 1980's/mid 1990's: exploratory study (mainly watch foreign design). (deep study of ex-australian Melbourne carrier, sold for scrap, ect...)

    - late 1990's/mid 2000's: buy olders retired russian carriers and deeply study them.

    - late 2000's/early 2010's: complete ex Varyag as a training/frontline carrier.

    - mid/late 2010's: built 1st generation of Chinese carriers (likely 1 or 2 ships)...

    - mid/late 2020's: built 1 or 2 further carriers (improved design, maybe nuclear powered), to replace the ex-Varyag.

  3. It's not about a ship but I think that this news should be interesting (for the American future carriers and for the British ones too):
    U.S. Navy's Magnetic Launch System Success
    and here,
    Navy Launches First Aircraft Using Electromagnetic System.

  4. Once again, I'm not talking about a ship but this new UCAV could be an important waypoint in the unmanned air operations on aircraft carriers:
    Northrop UCAS-D Completes First Flight;
    and here too (with a video),
    Northrop Grumman-built U.S. Navy X-47B Unmanned Combat Aircraft Completes Historic First Flight

  5. As everybody expected:
    Largs Bay acquisition.
    The Largs Bay LSD decommissioned by Royal Navy after the SDSR, has found a new owner, the Royal Australian Navy.
    This a good news for the RAN because she it was experiencing very big problems with its amphibious ships.

  6. Check this out from the Royal Australian Navy in regards to the Bay class LPD

  7. Will probably never do anything, half the navy's officers are about to be fired several ships are probably going to be lost due to cuts. Chances of removal of some of the OHPs and all AASs minus shis. Even then manpower still at a very very low level and recruitment is near to none after the whole "recruits raped" scandal that is growing.