Oct 27, 2010

Pictures from EURONAVAL 2010

Me during Euronaval 2010 ;)

French advanced "advansea" frigate designs, DCNS

French study for PA02 (conventionnal props), DCNS

Advanced Spanish "F2M2" frigate design, Navantia

French "MPC" modular warships, CNIM

Future Italian 20 000 tons LHD.

Singapourian "Endurance-160" LHD design, ST-Marines


  1. nice pictures that French "MPC" modular warship looks interesting do you know anything more about it?

  2. Hi Ben,
    The "forerunner" ship design for this family was the now well know L-CAT (new radical fast landing ship for the French Fleet).

    The MPC family was intended to be a very modular/flexible ships (ampbibious, Logistic, patrols uses).

    Currently 4 L-Cat were on order for the french navy (to be delivered by 2011/2012 to replace ageing LCT type) and 4 others L-Cat were in option.

    For the MPC, wait & see...

  3. Ops, little mistake in pictures credit

    Not singapourian "Enforcer 160" but "Endurance 160"

  4. Hi Mike, thanks for the picture of the Endurance 160. Do you have any more photos, particularly of the stern? Thanks!

  5. Hi Mike.Y,
    Yep, I have a stern view (well deck + aft MG turrets).
    But infortunatly I not expect to post her in my blog. Maybe I post these view in the "shipbucket forum" if one guys attemp to draw her (= post additional views to refine the draw)

  6. PS:
    Note that I will have changed the credit photo for the Singapourian LHD. From the initial mistake "Enforcer 160" to the real "Endurance 160"...