Oct 29, 2010

Pictures from EURONAVAL 2010 (Part 3)

Last round of views

French SSBN
& SSN designs, DCNS

Patrol Boats Family, CMN

German Newer 105 meters corvettes, LURSSEN

Australian ANZAC FFG frigate with newer integrated mast

British Fleet Replenishment Tanker design, Rolls-Royce

Colombian advanced Riverine patrols crafts

A aft view from current French carrier study, DCNS

Likely to share progressively others stuffs in some "warships forums" during discussions feeds ;)


  1. There is a mockup of ELTA MF-STAR Radar on display somewhere. Can you take a grab please.

  2. hi,
    I think I did not take pictures of this system, sorry

  3. Mike,

    Thanks for the three sets of pictures from Euronaval. Someone else has posted another nice set of imagery over at Militaryphotos.net. The first two pages are more discussion than imagery, but the third page has lots of imagery.


  4. Hi D.E.Reddick
    Thank you for the link, but I confess that I already know the link ;)

    In your link, the majority of these photos are taken by XaV, a another french?, decidedly French we do not hesitate to share ;)

    Hoping that in future navals show, in Europe/Middle-East/Asia/America, others "shipslovers" also share their photos !

  5. Mike,

    Yeah, Xav claims to be French and living in Melbourne, Florida.