Oct 28, 2010

Pictures from EURONAVAL 2010 (Part 2)

French "SMX-25" highly advanced mid sub/corvette demonstrator, DCNS.

Stealthy Italian small corvette "Falaj 2", for Middle East.

French "Gowind" Corvette/OPV family, DCNS.

A another view of the current French Carrier study.

Russian "Project 22 356" frigate design

Lot of warships using Thal├Ęs electronics technology.

French "BPC's & "Brave" designs, DCNS.


  1. What is that small vessel next to the Mistral and Brave?

    Also could we get some more carrier images?

    Im suprosed there isnt alot of FREMM info or FM400

  2. Hi Phil,
    For the "BPC/Brave" picture, the ship in the "lowest" position was a smaller BPC (the BPC 140).

    In this EURONAVAL 2010, any "miniature" of the FM400, and few of the FREMM.

    A "pictures part 3" coming soon ;)

  3. keep them coming the more the better. any CD's or PDF's or information sheets at this Euronaval?

  4. Many CD's or PDF's were not very valuable (same data on websites...).
    One example: DCNS CD = same data at the official website.