Oct 31, 2010

Last....Pictures from EURONAVAL (Part 4)

OK, OK guys , but the last one set of views !

Fincantieri Stand during Euronaval 2010.

Another view (aft) from the Spanish "F2M2" advanced frigate, Navantia

A aft view from the Singapourian "Endurance 160" LHD design, ST-Marines

Singapourian armed OPV design, ST-Marines

Russian "Project 22500" corvette design

Russian's landing crafts & others designs

German "Type 125" frigate

Warships news to come back on Monday 01/11 !


  1. Mike,

    Chuck Hill at CGBlog really appreciates your four postings regarding Euronaval 2010...

    EURONAVAL 2010 Exhibition