Aug 26, 2011

Future of the Icelandic Navy (Coast Guard)

Only Sized to protect its natural resources (fisheries...)

Great contribution by "godanov" ;)

Iceland is an island nation. The fishing industry accounts for 40% of export income and employs 7% of the workforce.
a 4,790 km, and an EEZ of 758,000 km2.

Personal Strength:

3 Offshore Patrol Vessels
2 Ægir

(Ægir II, Týr II). 1,214 tonnes, 71m. Commissioned by 1975.

1 Þór (Highly modified Norwegian Barentshav built at ASMAR yard in Chile)

(Þór III). 4000 tons, 94 m. Commissioned late 2011.

Auxiliary Ships:

1 Baldur (Hydrographic Research Vessel)
(Baldur). 50tons, 20m. Built 1991.

Naval Aviation:

- 1 Dash 8-300

- 1 AS-322L1 Super Puma.
- 1 AS-365n Dauphin 2.

With the increase in tourism, economic power, and probable near term EU membership, it is likely the Icelandic Coast Guard will receive more funding and equipment is the near-term, however it is unlikely to amount to changes in capacities but an increase in current types.

@ "Godanov"

I have not had time to check your data, but I +/- agree*** with your analysis, thank you !!!

and add that :...remember that the economic crisis hit hard in Iceland, which will require small Iceland forces to "tighten their belts" for many years (in term of military budget...).

As usual, It may be that this "Fleet Review", godanov forgot programs ? (or made few mistakes ?, especially for the auxiliary and smaller ships), then SAID IT ! Feel free to comment and give your opinion !


  1. Two things I would have mentioned would have been about helicopters;

    Firstly aside from the two helicopters you've mentioned, they also have loaned an additional helicopter (Super Puma) recently to support their owned Puma and the other rented Dauphin for service with the intent to replace there whole fleet with up to five new helicopters (probably all owned) in a deal with Norway to chose a joint support helicopter. My money is presently on the AW101 Merlin as Denmark and Britain both have them so spare parts are around, in those sorts of conditions (weather wise) things like that are normally taken into account due to the amount of damage sustained and what not. Other models under cosideration is a Hawk variant, a newer Super Puma or maybe, but very unliekly, the NH90 Caiman.

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